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    I got my hcg problem is no one wants to show me how to mix the solution. I need to take a shot today because my body is dying I feel like im 100+ even when I had the shrunken penis and etc months back I was never this weak and fatigue I can barely walk.

    the box says 10mls of diluent & give 3 mls (3000U) IM every 2 weeks for 2 months.

    forgot to add its 10,000 units of novarel / hcg

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    youtube videos are the best. They give you a step by step breakdown of what to do.

    Good luck.please report back



    thats the thing about it I dont want to cause harm but im at the point where I have nothing left. I went to doctors and nurses to ask and they all just shrug and said they couldnt do it im at my wits end. I should never took that t cream I feel like dying now .



    CJ this is sounding VERY serious. I suspect you have “Adrenal Crisis”. If you feel like dying and can’t even walk then that is honestly alarming bro. Who actually advised you to take HCG? I don’t know man.. I think you should just check yourself into ER or at least go find a good doctor that will help.



    this shit really helped me out only question I have what about the extra sterile vial , I wont need it ??? I dont want to mess up my hcg it was expensive with no insurance at 139 If I dont hear back from my doctor from email what to do im doing it myself.

    1000IU / 1 ml , so 10,000 vial of hcg would mean 10ml. the dosage said take 3ml(3000iu) every 2 weeks for 2 months. wouldnt 3000iu at one shot be too much hcg to take at a time. this vial should last a month & half. IM is intramuscular where do yall take your hcg at.



    Im not sure . Im still working on understanding proper HCG administration myself.

    You can order HCG from many online pharmacies for 15 dollars



    Ok first of all taking HCG in a 3000iu dosage is preety stupid and harmful it will convert into way to much estrogen and might fry your testicles even more , you should never been taking more than 500iu of HCG at any given time , and once every two weeks or whatever is stupid also thats a very dumb protocol , something better would be like 500iu three times a week lets say that makes more sense , did your HCG come with bacteriostatic water?



    yes akira its exactly like the youtube video. im bout to mix 5ml of bac water into hcg to make 2000iu . my plan is to do MWF at 200iu would that be a reasonable dose.

    only problem now is im trying to figure out the conversion of 200iu with the 3ml syringes 1ml = 1000 so 1/2 marker would be 500


    these are the syringes they gave me .



    take around 200-500IU EOD.

    unfortunately HCG didnt do anything for me, only increased my T a little.




    Did you take anything for e2 or was it a non issue?



    HCG raises E2 more than anything i know atleast it does for me , but make sure you take an AI with HCG because it does aromatize at a heavy rate in some people.



    200iu is to small of a dose , try 350-400 iu



    what about 250



    i fucked up , i mixed the 10,000 hcg with 10ml of bac water. and gave myself a 250 iu shot. I think I messed up the mixing dosage



    no thats rights for every 1000iu you need to mix it with 1ml so 10,000 you mix it with 10ml bac water so you did it the right way.



    Hope it works for you Cj

    good luck



    no thats rights for every 1000iu you need to mix it with 1ml so 10,000 you mix it with 10ml bac water so you did it the right way.

    I mixed it in the hcg vial and refridgerated it so everything is right.



    200iu is actually not to small of a dosage,,, usually higher dosages your more likely to get to much conversion to E2.

    you can try a higher dosage if you start getting e2 problems, to high of HCG.

    chances are HCG wont do much in terms of really making you feel better, i never found anyone that had much success with HCG mono.

    HCG is more of a headache than anything, at least in my experience, in fact i think my erections are better off HCG.



    yea i dont know is it the shot from last night or what but im bout to see if I can call to see my doctor wanna make sure before I take a 2hr drive.




    HCG’s benefits far outweigh there negatives


    * keeps you fertile might be able to have kids one day

    * keeps testicles big so they dont atrophy alot of guys including myself if i saw small testicles that would F*ck me up mentally (been there)

    * raises any natural testosterone thats left in your leydig cells

    * raises adrenal hormones (not a significant raise but it still does somethin)

    * keeps testicles alive just incase one day they come out with a clomid type drug (which is going to come out in the very near future) that you take everyday for TRT using your own natural testosterone.


    * can in some people raise E2 significantly (sure does for me) extra E2 bullshit to deal with can be a pain in the ass sometimes but once you get the hang of it its ok.

    * extra cost every month

    Max is right though HCG monotherapy wont do much for 99 percent of people i only sugguest taking HCG if your on TRT so your testicles dont atrophy.



    i know its crazy to ask but how long does hcg take to work . I know it want be hrs later after shot and I see big balls but is it usually in weeks or so.



    i think you need 2 or 3 shots at least to see some significant results

    hang in there



    took me like 3 weeks to get my testicles back at 500iu three times a week



    I went to the my doctor office his nurse shot me with the 3000iu the other day. I actually feel calmer than before. after the shot I felt eurphoric for a few hrs. I looked around on forums and etc about the 3000iu before I agreed on the shot. its not a routine thing doctor told me this is only for a month or 2. I saw other cases via the net that have done the 3000 for a shot.



    it won’t kill you i guess, makes your nuts bigger in no time

    just beware of e2 coming up too much

    just take the shot at the office and the rest you do yourself at lower dose



    yea I dont know if its the shot or is it placebo effect. but I actually feel somewhat normal my energy isnt terrible. my scrotum isnt tight and uncomfortable as before. my thighs , and lower body has been having a feeling of soreness in a goodway. its like I been working out, but it doesnt hurt. my voice seems to be getting deeper.

    I guess I can describe it as its like puberty. I got a doctors appointment I set up a while ago with another doctor im gonna go to it, and tell him about my hcg and etc he should give me bloodwork. I can have some bloodwork to compare with my saliva test work that I am doing with other doctor.



    my doctor just emailed me to do 200iu shots daily for 2 weeks .

    I have 1cc insulin syringes , so 1cc= 1000 iu so 200iu would be 20 on the insulin syringe.

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