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    The purpose of this log is for me to abstain from porn and ejaculation and to track the same. People are free to comment and offer their opinions here but plz do not start your log in this thread.

    My goal is to abstain from both porn and masturbation for a period of 21 days. I may extend this period if I succeed for the first 21 days.

    Let’s see how it goes.

    Oct 18: Day 1 has just began. I know the first 3 days following an ejaculation is easy. The real challenge is after the initial 3 days. That’s when the cravings start to hit.

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    We’re with you buddy. Speaking from personal experience 13-15th day were the hardest for me and my support group. Don’t be afraid to ask a higher power for help.



    Nothing is Hard…not the 5th nor the 21th day

    Just focus , and believe in your self…



    Thanks a lot guys.

    What is the longest you went without porn and ejaculation?



    I have been reading that abstaining longer than 7 to 10 days lowers semen quality (fertility/motility) and long term makes your body produce less semen. Its a case of use it or lose it. But on the other hand abstaining raises testosterone. Just something worth considering. I think 7 to 10 days should be maximum. I personally masturbate every 3 to 5 days because any later than that and my semen appears lumpy and sometimes yellowish (probably poor quality). Abstaining any longer that this doesnt appear to increase the volume either.



    Without porn…I can go for 3-14 day

    but I have intentions all time…

    Masturbation…. abstained for 7-40 or 35 day

    Even if it didn’t show any physical improvement, at least i shall count it in my Work against my addiction…



    This is the first time I am hearing that abstaining will lower semen quality. It is very surprising and also a bit discouraging. I always thought that abstinence is a very good way to heal ourselves (combined with diet, supplements, and exercise). But if it causes harm then what are we supposed to do? How do we cure ourselves?



    you cure yourself through correcting hormonal and nutritional deficiencies, getting rid of toxins(organic diet), healing the gut (probiotics, etc), exercising, etc. and probably have sex 1x a week.



    Thanks Max. But I am still going to stick to this 21 days of no porn and no ejaculation. 21 days is not too long to be harmful to the semen I believe.

    On a side note, the Indian culture has a concept called Brahmacharya. People practicing do not ejaculate at all. The only time they do is with their wives when they want to have a kid. The offspring was considered to be of extra-ordinary health and vigor because of the high quality sperm that was supplied. The seed itself was of high quality because the man seldom ejaculated.

    This whole practice of course was followed during ancient times. But what I am trying to say is that this the exact opposite of voodoo’s statement



    I say stick to the 21 days and realize your natural healing potential.





    After the tests on semen quality after abstinence it appears they recommend you do not exceed 10 days. But this is presuming you are trying to get someone pregnant. Aparently the highest quality semen is produced 1 day after your last ejaculation. When you think about it, your fluids and sperms do not live forever, so all those fluids and sperms sat in your testes, seminal vesicles and prostate need to be shifted regularly to make sure there is a fresh supply. Its like buying a smoothie and drinking it after 30 days expecting it to be as fresh and tasty as the day it was made. Yeah, its still healthy, but half of the goodness has gone off. What a comparisson



    But what you do not realize is that I am not a sexually healthy man that produces semen at a high rate. I am a sexually exhausted man. 10 yrs ago I would have taken this advice because at that point my body was able to replenish itself very fast and even after just 1 day of ejaculation I have semen in my system. Not so now. I hardly have semen in my body after 1 or 2 days of ejaculation, let alone high quality semen.

    That study is for healthy males, not for sexually exhausted men.



    I agree with you HC. In my exhausted state it takes me 7-10 days to ejaculate a decent volume of semen. Now my semen is mostly clear whith a little bit of white here and there.



    End of day 1. I made it through the first day. 20 more days to go.

    My goal is to challenge myself not to see porn and not ejaculate. If I can do this then I can bring in the rich nutritious foods and supplements and start exercising as well and get on the path to healing. I really do not see any point in starting a recovery program before developing the ability to stay away from porn.

    I felt very tired today… was not able to walk long distances like I can do on a normal day. And I know the reason why – I saw porn yesterday and ejaculated 2 times. I can tell ya… this stuff is debilitating.



    When your reserves are full supposedly your body will slow down the production so long term this could effect your semen volume. Like I said earlier, you have to use it or you will lose it. I dont know how true this is because there are so many different research theories that I think no body knows for sure. The choice is yours buddy.

    You have a serious addiction. I have never felt that way towards porn or even sex before. Good luck on this one. You need to start spacing out your ejaculations so your body can adjust to a regular pattern and hopefully then you will have more control. You are probably doing the best thing right now with your abstinence plan. Perhaps find some hobbies or go for long walks to distract yourself from sex. Taking up photography kept me out of the house and took up most of my time.



    good luck mate…keep it up…im with u

    day 13 woo hoo



    Oct 19: Day 2 is over. 19 more days to go.

    Today my energy levels came back and I felt normal. Yesterday I felt tired and could not walk long distances but today I feel fine.



    Day 3:

    Guys I failed

    It was just 3 days and I gave in. I saw porn today and fooled myself that I won’t ejaculate but I ended up doing it…

    I feel like shit…

    How do you guys do it? Plz help



    dont be so hard on yourself, its no big deal.




    thx Max.. but its kinda disappointing.

    i am not sure what to do now. should i drop this? or start it again? i’m confused.



    you masturbated after engaging with porn-content

    so concentrate on lowering , then eradicate porn from your whole life

    Iam finding some difficulties to control my porn addiction too…



    thx Max.. but its kinda disappointing.

    i am not sure what to do now. should i drop this? or start it again? i’m confused.

    Start again.



    start again or set a shorter goal,, why not do it 1x a week?

    i agree with the porn issues, i even slip and watch it and masturbate to it. its very hard.

    you either have to not use a computer or use a porn blocker.

    this is why i recommend sex/girlfriend, as soon as you get the urge to do this you can just have sex which offers benefits.



    There is no reason you should be looking at porn if you have a decent filter.

    If you don’t, you will fail guaranteed. Get safe eyes now.

    In the battle between your will and a addiction you will loses. Stop fooling yourself. You’re an addict.



    i agree..

    basically its like an alcoholic having beer in the fridge… if its there hes going to drink.. well if you use a computer and dont have a porn blocker your bound to look at it



    yea, it makes sense…

    so is “safe eyes” a good porn filter? it sounds silly but will there be a temptation to disable the filter and see porn when the urge gets too strong or is there a mechanism around it?



    mate it will be fine im on day 15 now and i was tempted to look at porn but i visualised the better effects if i abstain…and it worked:)…remember always think positive..



    i have tried covenant eyes and safe eyes

    safe eyes is the BEST. you can’t break it unless you break your computer.



    you need a sober person to a) set up a password and b) determine the filter settings. don’t do this yourself.



    can some one here help me with this password thing?

    last time i installed covenant eyes and after a week i removed it by myself because i wanted to see porn.



    i’ll do it message me



    actually where do you live?



    i live in california.

    how exactly will you be able to help me? once i install the s/w, i set up the admin password and then what happens?




    You need to tell someone your problem. Let someone create a password for you as well as settings. Join a sex addicts anonuymous in your area and get a sponsor to help keep you accountable.



    you dont have to tell anyone

    just put a pw that you wont remember like 9cz84z



    The amino acid L-Tyrosine is used to help fight addicitions such as smoking. Perhaps you should give it a shot and see if it helps.

    Either that or eat a dose of cottage cheese several times a day as it contains high amounts of L-Tyrosine as well as L-Phenylalanine, which is a pre-cursor to L-Tyrosine. L-Tyrosine is also the pre-cursor to dopamine and it is said that dopamine is related to addictive behaviour.

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