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    I must admit I was really suprised when I read the above, considering your post count. Congrats on going to the Doctor, and I agree it’s definitely a good idea to give your body a chance to repair before any serious intervention.

    There’s injections that can be more of a shortcut out of this, but you don’t want to have to be dependent on them if you can avoid it.

    I wish you all the best.

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    I must admit I was really suprised when I read the above, considering your post count. Congrats on going to the Doctor, and I agree it’s definitely a good idea to give your body a chance to repair before any serious intervention.

    There’s injections that can be more of a shortcut out of this, but you don’t want to have to be dependent on them if you can avoid it.

    I wish you all the best.

    Thanks man

    I was just being honest though… The porn thing is a severe addiction and I do not see a way out of this mess unless and until I quit that crap. Even Dr. Mariano can’t do a thing if I keep looking at porn and jacking off.



    it cripple your way of thinking…totally agree

    as for the fishoil, have you choosed your supplement?

    there are three types of fish oil supps

    one with 180mg EPA , with 360mg EPA, and finally 600mg EPA….the ideal amount of EPA to ingest daily is around 1000mg

    keep us posted HCP



    I am still researching about the Fish Oils .

    Dr. M asked me to take 1200 mgs of Omega 3 at lunch and dinner. The 1200 mgs is just the Omega 3s alone and not the total size. So I have to find a very high potency Fish Oil.



    , considering that your symptoms are limited and your body has displayed a resilient constitution you have some real positive factors here working in your favour.

    And the doc has confirmed to you of a possible solution. I understand the trouble with porn addiction, well any addiction, and I sincerely hope you maintain your focus on the current plan outlined for you.

    I don’t know to what extent you still suffer with your addiction, and I’m assuming you’ve installed a porn filter and deleted any of your computer by now. But something that also helped me, which may not seem like much, is that I mark a black line on a whiteboard if I’ve made it through the day without succumbing, and a red line when I do.

    Being able to visualise my habit in this way actually helps improve my willpower. And when I do occasionally falter, I’m able to see that in the scheme of things, compared to the days that have gone before, I’m still doing ok.



    Thanks a lot krea.

    That idea sounds great. I have never tried it before but I am definitely going to give it a shot.



    I actually slipped up last night and masturbated. After i masturbated i didn’t feel any depression or fatigue afterwards. I went a good 4 months without masturbation and finally slipped up. I was concerned that i had POIS but now i see that i don’t that its just Wacked out hormones/adrenal Fatigue. strangely i have pretty good rock hard erections.



    same here byron =]



    Went to Quest Diagnostics for my blood test. The lady that drew my blood said that’s a LOT of tests and asked what type of doctor is Mariano lol. I had 12 tubes of blood drawn out due to the number of tests. Now I will have to cross my fingers and wait for the results.



    I already learnt that its fine to masturbate once a while.. like once in 2 weeks would be ideal.. then I get very little brainfog.. also good erections after.. but when I start jerking off every few days is when I get hardcore brainfog.. worse flaccid.. and so on..

    I guess the explanation is that our recovery time after ejaculation is days now as opposed to hours when we were healthy.. so when we were healthy it would be normal to masturbate every few days, and if you didn’t masturbate in 2 weeks or so you’d feel on edge and not normal.. and now its normal to masturbate once a week or two weeks (helps you feel normal), but if you dont masturbate for months or weeks depending on your recovery rate, then you’d feel on edge (stressed).

    So what I’m trying to say is that I believe total abstinence is silly and not beneficial…. find the recovery time that allows you to feel normal after masturbating as it should.. and stick to that time frame.. for me its once in 2 weeks.



    although ejaculating raises T. I should do it to much which your right about frenchie. I got a good feeling that if i fix my adrenals i’ll be closer to recovery. my energy levels been crappy lately.



    I feel that we should ejaculate exactly once a month until we are healed. We should give a chance for our bodies to retain the nutrition while at the same time not deactivate the sexual circuits by totally abstaining.



    or any other administrator – can you please move this thread to the ‘Case log’ section?? I would like to keep track of my progress from the time of my visit to Dr.Mariano.




    same here =D its kind of a good feeling haha.



    Still waiting for Blood Test results but got started on the supplement protocol that Dr. Mariano prescribed me. Started the routine from yesterday… I am also keeping an eye on my diet. I have to follow these good habits for a while before expecting to see any tangible results. Keeping fingers crossed!



    My advice: Listen to what dr mariano says, dont change your therapy because of what you read on a forum — your best chance of success is if you follow the advice of this (great) doctor, dont start getting paranoid thinking nothing will work, because with that mindset it wont. good luck buddy, mariano is a smart smart man



    Thanks Diesel.

    Yea, I have been taking the supplements he asked me to take along with the Metformin. I will have to stick to the routine and be patient now.



    Blood test results still haven’t come back. I just got the 24 hour urine Iodine test results:

    Iodine, 24 hour Urine = 211 mcg/24 h (reference range: 75 to 500)



    I still haven’t received my blood test results and I am getting really frustrated now! How long does it take to get the results? I went for the blood test on June 17th.



    iam not sure about the urineplasma, but the normal blood tests they are certainly ready

    call the lab, or send an emailfax…if case there is no reply pay them a quick visit



    I finally went to Quest Diagnostics today and told them that I still haven’t received my blood test results. They very calmly said “well there is nothing on here that says patient can receive the results”. FUCKING BASTARDS!!!!! It is right there on the fucking front page in bold letters. I got frustrated as hell and told them that it was there…. F*ck!! F*ck!!! why are people so fucking incompetent?!?!?! Now I have to fucking wait for another couple of weeks before these bastards can send it to me.




    no cuz my case is my dopamine is super high / but my serotonin is low so my dopamine to serotonin ratio is off.

    which test are for dopamine and serotonin?



    I would like to see where hc is at these days. JS seems to have disappeared. I’m curious to how he’s doing too.

    My dopamin and serotonin are low – at least in the tests.

    HC how are you doing now? Still working with Dr. Mariano? Has Dr. Mariano had success healing people with our problem? Why isn’t there anyone of the forum that has healed?

    Even if I masturbate every other week I crash. Pain and inflammation comes right back.

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