head get numb after Sx or O , pls help me

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    F after sex my brain gets like this that , i mean even after O , my brain/head feels like it get numb , like the nerves get drain out of blood and oxygen ….. any body feel the same …..

    now i am gonna sleep i know i will be bad in the morning , i also will take clonezepam 1 mg , if i want to sleep

    its 7 am already , i am crazy , pls GOD help us …..Ameen ….!!!!!

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    things that will heal you:

    -take 3 ice cold showers a day , 40 minutes each shower

    -after the cold showers, eat 3 servings of sardines, 3 servings of oysters, and 3 servings of tuna

    -drink 10L of water per day

    -go for 1hr jogs twice per day

    -do not masterbate or ejaculate for 15 months



    this numbness , why , any theory ……

    thanks alot for the info ……



    over ejaculation drains the body from many factors such as the hormones, neurotransmitters ,nutrients and with being low in these our system becomes in a lag where it cant recover normally from ejaculation.

    so as u have been told months ago , get tested and seek medical attention if needed. Stop taking sleeping pill since it drives your body into more dependency, and add more insult to you hormonalneuro problem



    Pls tell me the 1st test I should do

    Pls don’t mind



    Stop masturbation! Eat good and do sports, after some weeks ur gonna feel better ! And go get tests.



    Looks like you are in a fucked up stage. It is obvious that the best to do in to not ejaculate for a long time. Also with that symptoms, testing is crucial.

    Those are the famous tests, most of the doctors wont recipe then to you, that means $$$.


    1) Total Testosterone

    2) DHT

    3) SHBG

    4) E2 sensitive ( Estriodial sensitive )

    5) Free testosterone

    6) Bioavailable testosterone


    5) 4x saliva cortisol

    6) DHEA Sulfate

    7) Progesterone



    9) Free T3

    10) Free T4

    11) Reverse T3


    12) Urine neurotransmitter test

    13) Urine and plasma amino acid test

    Maybe the most importants for you are neurotransmisors I dont really know. Good luck!



    What is your eating habit pls tell me what is good to eat

    Be practical what us good to set to recover back

    After my last incident of it’s been 3 days I m feeling awful

    And get hungry alot eating the things normal lying around

    I was so hungry that I can eat a bull is it due low blood sugar

    Or what

    Should I do CBC test

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