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    When I´ve readed forums about adrenal exhaustion, they usually follow the same formulas: eliminate stress, limit certain foods, take supplements etc. There are many people who think they´ve had this condition over 10 years and still dont get better.

    It took years to deplete them, so it will take a while for them to restore all the energy. I dont think the essence is lost very easily in mens without over-ejaculation.

    I will post new useful info when I find it.

    Foods that tonify kidney yin includes: seaweeds, sea salt, clams, yam, black sesame seeds tonify both kidney yin and liver yin. Sea salt cools the stomach too so its not advisable eating it too much when suffering stomach problems.

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    I’m doing a huge research on this area right now, will publish the results in a few months…



    well i’m doing some dieting at the moment. its going good so far lost 2 pounds in 10 days.

    i did research that pple with fatty liver had choline deficiency and that when they took it it greatly improved the liver function. didn’t buy any milk thistle yet.

    i don’t think i have serotonin deficiency since i don’t suffer from singz like insomnia, depression, anxiety etc……….. just mild mood swings now and then coz of daily life pressure.

    my deficiency is acetylcholine, dopamine and pge-1 although i still think that my serotonin is not 100%. body pains and joint pains, low sensitivity, penile shrinkage and soft erection. low libido and slight premature ejaculation. i think my serotonin seems to be holding thingz up judging by it.

    i don’t have money at the moment so i have to wait sometime before i start to buy anything. good thing is i have reduced over-masturbation signifiantly.



    oh and i’m also having terrible time with constipation thanks to my dieting and cold weather.

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