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    Hey all. After starting my Alpha Male and Huperzine A, my healing is going awesome. My erections are as strong as they were before I over-masturbated. I’m feeling great. =)

    I hope you all are experiencing improvement! =)

    Good luck! =)

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    I asked a college student in psychopharmacology about Huperzine A. He says that it’s basically the Acetylcholine version of Prozac. It’s a selective acetylcholine reuptake inhibitor (SARI) rather than a serotonin inhibitor (SSRI). Just like Prozac, it wears off once you stop taking it and requires progressively higher doses if taken for years. At best, it’s for temporarily holding up your nervous system while you replenish the neurotransmitters.



    , no guest posters please. I didn’t want any guest posters so that we can have an idea how many people have reached the forum.

    The above guest poster is correct. Huperzine A will be helpful for the short term and while not fully recovered, however it is not the best in long terms.

    This is according to Alan Ritz who said that Icariin which is another AChE inhibitor, is good while your body is not fully recovered but don’t have much to offer after that.



    Alright, I’ll look to change the Guest posting option, because you are right. We want people to join, not just to post. =)

    And yes, Huperzine is great while not fully recovered. It jump starts your acetylcholine. =)

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