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    hey everybody i was just wondering if it was possible to heal naturally from sexual exhaustion. i am 19 years old and thought maybe if you are young enough this may be possible.

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    Yes, I think that if you feel better and better every day and “know” that your are healing, you most certainly are, no matter how long it takes.



    whats the best way of healing naturally? just cutting back on masturbation/sex most likely?



    Depends on the current strength of your parasympathetic nervius system. One way to in out would be to stop all sexual activities and most physical activities for a week and see if you feel hornier.



    Generally, sexual exhaustion consists of physical symptoms such as digestive problems or abdominal/back pain, and somatic ones such as sleep/mood/memory problems. Dr.Lin has often referred to the sexual system running on bioelectricity, and overmasturbation is when the bioelectricity is drained and cannot start itself up again.

    Like cheexiong said, try abstaining from masturbation for at least 2-3 weeks. If you do not recover back to your regular sexual function, then you may really have problems and would need to describe them to us.

    If however, you do recover, learn from this wisely and regulate your masturbation frequency. The formula is to divide your age by 5, and masturbate after that number of days pass. So, for you, 19/5 = masturbate at most every 3.8 days. If you’re turning 20 soon, keep it down to 20/5 = after 4 days.

    Most of us here still have hope of recovering on our own. Prostate problems only start appearing in adults 23 and over, sex drive in men begins declining at 18, plummets after 25, and sex becomes a hard-pressed task by middle adulthood. I think you have a decent amount of time to recover.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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