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    Unsweetened Coconut Water (high in electrolytes, hydrates very well).

    Things to avoid; [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] , [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] , [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] , [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] , [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]


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    You really want to try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night, it affects testosterone levels big time (see below under Insomnia).

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    Hemi Sync cd’s are also useful for sleep, stress and a variety of other things.

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    Digestive Enzymes.


    Tranquil Sleep (Natural Factors Brand).

    Valerian Root + L-Tryptophan.

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    Pain, Injuries & Inflammation:

    Bromelain + Serrapeptase (use high doses on an empty stomach throughout the day, especially before bed).

    Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, and Hormones:

    (Nitric Oxide)

    L-Citrulline (probably the best one due to price and effectiveness, but take occasional breaks from use).

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    Neo 40 (works, but expensive).

    Pycnogenol (works, especially at higher doses, but expensive).




    Zinc (New Chapter Zinc food, Dragon herbs Polyrachis Ant and He Shou Wu herb, are good sources)

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    Magnesium (Natural Vitality Calm and cacao/chocolate are good sources)

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    Cod Liver Oil.

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    (Cycle the following; use for about a week then switch. If having a really good day, such as very strong morning erections, you can skip supplements for the day.)

    Tongkat Ali 1:200 + Icariin 60%.

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    One of the best natural testosterone boosters with one of the best nitric oxide boosters.

    Mucuna Puriens + Tribestan (protodioscin).

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    Mucuna increases testosterone, fertility and reduces prolactin, while Tribestan increases nitric oxide and libido. These two herbs have been combined before in Ayurvedic medicine.

    Muira Puama + Catuaba (2 ml twice daily), not as much scientific validation, however, they have been used for centuries by the tribes in Brazil for the purpose of sexual rejuvenation. Muira Puama shows evidence that it increases acetylcholine which can increase nitric oxide. Catuaba shows evidence it has an effect on dopamine, which may cause an increase in testosterone. You can make your own extract by taking roughly 1.5 cups of each, and combining 2 cups of 100 proof or higher vodka for each 1.5 cups of of dry powder. With Muira Puama, you need to simmer the mixture for 20 minutes, but don’t use with open flames, and keep the lid on the mixture. When done, some of the liquid will have boiled off, use more vodka once done simmering to get the amount of liquid similar to what’s in the catuaba mixture, you want a 50/50 mix. Let them sit in glass jars (with lids of course) for a few weeks, strain, then combine both and draw from this mixture using a dropper (2 full droppers or mililiters twice daily. If you don’t want the alcohol, put into some hot water, stir and drink like a tea). This worked very well for me, had insane morning wood almost everyday.

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    Rhodiola Force 300 + Dragon Herbs Cordyceps.

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    Rhodiola balances cortisol and reduces depression, both of which can get in the way of improving testosterone levels while Cordyceps also helps with stress, increases blood flow and helps increase testosterone levels. Dragon Herbs Cordyceps is by far the best I’ve ever seen.

    Informational Resources:

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    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here








    I suppose for the record I should include a brief history of what I went through to get where I am now.

    So, here goes. I started masterbating when I was maybe 13 or 14 years old. At first I didn’t do it that often, but as the years went on by I did it more and more often, maybe 3 to 4 times a week. I didn’t really have much access to porn, so that was never much of a factor. At around 17 I noticed a weakening of my sexual function, and when I had my first opportunity for sex, I didn’t do so well because of it. The years went on, and around my 20’s my libido was gone most of time, my memory was very poor, I lost alot of muscle, it was hard to concentrate, I felt dead emotionally, had weak erections, premature ejaculation, and it pretty much went this way for almost a decade (late teens to early last year). In those years, I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars desperately looking for a way to heal myself while at the same time concealing the condition from the outside world. In the course of my search I found Dr. Lin, although his stuff didn’t help that much and I hated how his supps were like horse pills, I was able to find this forum probably because I was searching for something on him. Anyways, finding this forum was the first time I was able to finally share with others my problem. I have gotten many ideas from here and I have also tried to offer my own. All in all finding this forum has been quite a blessing.

    So anyways, I started actually healing late last year. I continued experimenting herbs and supplements, and found success with some of them. At that time I really started cutting back on masterbation, and made a point to take long breaks (a couple months at a time). I really became inspired to cut back on the frequency from reading posts on this forum, and thus made a point to do so. I fell in love with Tongkat Ali late last year, and continued taking that off and on for awhile. I continued trying different supplements and herbs that were very nourishing super foods and I think whatever type it is, it should help (i.e. Maca, Lycium berries, Royal Jelly, etc.). I eventually chose Ashitaba and Flower Pollen Extract as my superfoods because one helps heal the brain and neurons, while the other heals the prostate. Cordyceps is both a Yin (superfood) and Yang (stimulating energy/testosterone) and it is said can be taken long term. I started taking Cordyceps because I really liked Dr. Chi’s herbs (Super X, Asparagus extract, Cordyceps), and they seemed to really make a difference. Dr. Chi recommends Cordyceps and a few other TCM herbs for overcoming Sexual Dysfunction. I had tried the other TCM herbs before from other manufacturers and they seemed just okay, so I wasn’t as curious about those, I wanted to try Cordyceps instead. I’ve been on it for awhile now and I love it now as much as Tongkat Ali. Proanthocyanidins I included too because of the studies done on it in correcting erectile dysfunction, It just seemed like a good one to include with other herbs that increased NO. It also has the side benefit of helping with being out in the sun alot, which is apart of my job. Serrapeptase I’ve used a long time because I heard how it can clear out the arteries of damaged tissue, scar tissue and plaque, and fight any prostate enlargement. The side benefit to using this was whenever I got injured on the job, serrapeptase really helped me heal quicker.

    So anyways, its taken me 10+ years, thousands of dollars and many years of anguish and despair, but I made it . I can finally lift my head up and look forward to the future. It doesn’t make life a cake walk, but at least now I can deal with it. I hope you all will find your path to healing too.



    …….Jobe what would be an updated list/routine of supplements and food that you would consume daily

    I have followed your first list that you listed, and it has been going well, and I believe that with your new listing and advanced findings that this would better help me and others….




    I would also appreciate a more detailed supplement regimen Jobe27.

    What you’ve written thus far has intrigued me and given me more hope.



    Fantastic Jobe

    Your success story was much needed here.

    Congrats and keep up the good work!





    Great Jobe

    Can you have a normal sexual life now ?



    Hey dont mean to write a bunch of reply’s (if only edit was an option) but what I meant to ask you is for a very fine detail and up to date on what specific foods you ate, which specific supplements (and how they were split up during the day). Your first group of supplements you used when you first shared your healing process, are far different than now. At first when you came on the scene, you really pushed the organ supplements, but ive noticed it hasnt been mentioned in your last few posts. Im a little confused as in the effect on you and your healing process, meaning how the first phase of when you thought u were doing well with (the organ supplements etc)…, compared to the supplements you last mentioned(herbs etc). I have tried the organ supps and had little sucesses with them, but it has been my fault with not going at least 30 days without ejaculating. I am very interested in putting the new or best supps that you have tried in trial and error and use them in a routine, becuase we have almost identical symptoms. Again this wont help me, it will help others as well.




    No problem fellas. I usually take the following herbs/supplements right when I wake up in the morning, maybe 15 to 30 minutes before breakfast, and a second time when I get back home from work, and at least 15 to 30 minutes before dinner, then some non stimulating supplements like proanthocyanidins before sleep.

    Each herb at the top of each list has been shown in studies to improve sexual function over time. They are adaptogens and tonics and work by way of restoring the nervous system as well as the general vitality and health of the body. However, it is very important the herb is of high quality.

    As far as diet goes, half of it is organic foods, with plenty of fruit and vegetables (including raw organic eggs with shakes sometimes). My diet really isn’t anything too special. I just eat small meals frequently as opposed to a few large meals. Thus I try never to stuff myself. Try to get some protein with every meal (but not too much) unless its in the evening and you want to fall asleep, in which case just eat some carbs like oatmeal. Getting sufficient rest is very important, as well as avoiding excess sugar, caffeine, fast food and alcohol. Recreational drugs of any kind are a definite no-no. Make sure to get exercise, if you can’t do anything too vigorous, then do plenty of vigorous walking (hikes through nature are the best). Doing anything you can to relax the body, such as massage therapy, meditation, hemi-sync, hypnosis, yoga, are very good for the healing process. Don’t obsess over your condtion, go out and have fun in things that you are comfortable with doing, and go from there. Listen to your body, keep your ejaculation frequency very low and don’t watch porn when healing. If possible avoid masterbation altogether, and only have sex with women if you feel vital enough. Try to go several months or more without ejaculating if you are really weak. I, Blueshark and others have demonstrated that reducing ejaculation (and in Blueshark’s case avoiding it altogether for over a year) is very important to healing. I’ve said these many times before and I will continue to say them, these things are important to getting your life back.

    Tmitch, no worries . As far as the dosaging is concerned, that can differ from person to person, due to things like body weight, but I have tried to provide an approximate amount for some of them, otherwise just follow the directions of the manufacturer as best you can. I am glad that you have found success with stuff I recommended before, keep taking them if they are helping you. I am interested though, which things that I mentioned before do you feel helping you?

    Former_Stud, I hope what I and others here have offered can give you more than just hope.

    Hcpornaddict, thank you .

    Jim, yes I can have a normal sex life, providing I have been getting enough sleep, am not overly stressed, and have not been consuming too much sugar and caffeine. If I don’t get enough sleep, and then consume excess sugar and caffeine, it kills my libido and stresses me out. When I stop doing that and get enough rest, then I am fine again. Occassionally I like to stay up late and this causes me these kinds of problems.

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