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    OK, after almost finishing The Edge Effect, it is very apparent to me that we are taking some of this way too in-depth. All I’m focusing on is balancing the four neurotransmitters, and raising my testosterone to a high level. Doing these two things will ultimately lead to solving the majority of our problems. Dealing with all these different solutions, such as Chinese herbal remedies, kindey yin etc., is just too much for me. I’m just going to look at the basics, and go from there. =)

    I have the rest of my healing schedule planned out, and I should be 100% healed within a month… I hope! =)

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    Great, maybe you can summarize for us some keypoints from the book. Does the Doctor’s suggestions compliment our regimen in any way? I think Dr. Lin’s CD Resonant Excitation Of Sexual Orgasms is also a must-read. Where his products fail, I think his findings and knowledge are on point. it has various exercises and suggestions in there.



    we do really have to ask our selfves, if his products fail are his findings really on point? i mean the products were created via his findings right?



    for some people the hormonal system could also be a but messed up. so definitely testosterone and for some people DHEA or prolactin should be tested. but yep fixing the 4 neurotransmitters is the main thing.



    i had a load of blood tests months ago-not been back for them yet

    do i have the right to get the doctor to right the results down for me, or maybe even give me a copy?



    yes you should ask your doctor to send you a copy of your results. thats what i always do or at least he should call you. its amazing how without the doctor’s signature they won’t even bother sending you the results.



    Time, you’re right on. Since Dr.Lin’s products are based on his theories and his products failed this would mean that there is flaws in his theories. I would say that his theories are pointing towards the right direction but have many flaws that is up to people like you and me to figure out through personal experience and independent research.



    well maybe in your case cheexiong his findings do come up short but for others it might just spot on. i suppose it really depends.



    What I’m saying is that his theories are sound and quite accurate but that there are still mistakes. I mean if it’s right on then this forum wouldn’t exist.



    i think the problem is one of two thingz- the neurotrasnmitter deficiency and/or an uderlying hormonal problem. however before conducting any further research a complete hormonal check-up is a must, otherwise the research will be just like trying to fight the darkness.



    dr lins theories are correct. its just his products what are ineffective. dr lin is mainly using vitamins and low dosage herbs for his formulas. this makes it a weak formula expect for the dhea. also if these herbs do have healing properties then they would not work in the dosage that dr lin is giving them in. i can guarantee that if western medicine found out the same information as dr lin that they would be able to cure most of the symptoms in no time.



    yeah but too bad they don’t. i believe herbs definitely have a healing effect but they also tend to have a wholistic approach and you really need a doctor who knows and specializes in these matters.



    I always imagine the likes of Harvard, Yale or even Oxford medical schools researching on sexual exhaustion, and coming up with solutions. The remedies would definatley be on point. Since that’s not happening…the onus is on us!



    I agree with , Dr. Lin is probably mostly right. But I get the sense he it making some stuff up to make it seem like he knows for sure why every symptom occurs.

    I mean…come on…any guy who tells you “Take my products and you’l be better in 2-3 months”, and it does not work, can NOT be trusted to have all his theories right. Think about it. He has lied to every one of us. He got a $600 USD from me with no results.

    My naturopathic doctor, who is familiar with herbs, told me that his his products have some dangerous herbal combinations.



    Dr lin’s theories are most accurate with some certain flaws here and there, never mind his products.

    Dr Braveman on the other hand has some good insights but i’m starting to gte confused with each book i read.

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