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    Yinyang or anyone else…have a question though not directly related to sexual exhaustion, i think i have issues wih my shitting patterns. was watching lee harney on that christian bb show of his and he was talking to a nutritionalist who was sayin that if you eat 3 meals a day, you should have 3 bowel movements-i guess realisticlly probably one every day. otherwise that stuff is still in your colon and poses danger.

    now, i can go 2 days without shitting, and when i do it’s slightly loose. i’m thinking it’s all the supps, but question is how can i improve my absorption, bowel movements, solid waste??

    I’ve heard probiotics, plant enzymes, bioperine and extra fibre is good. I usually try eat well, fruits, veggies, oats for breakfast. Any suggestions?

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    i use lactulose, which is a stool softener and it works well. typically 5-10ml with breakfast each day.

    also I drink ginger tea 2/day every day and it works really good.



    Loose stools and diarrhea can be related to ones state of mind. Especially racing mind, worry, anger and hate can lead to digestive problems.

    Practicing conscious positive self-talk and mantra many times every day is best to overcome negative thoughts and problems associated with them.



    I want to emphasize that digestive system and bowel movements are good indicator of how smoothly the energy flows in the body and how much we get out of the foods we eat.

    I know from personal experience that negative thinking and worrying lead to diarrhea and obstructed bowel movement. Positive self-talk seems to help in that, with positive self talk it means more than just saying the words in ones head, but actually try to take them seriously and really trying to do the transformation, which is the point in positive self-talk. If thinking negative and worrying all day, this will give negative effect to the body.



    Constipation is also a part of adrenal fatigue and stress. The parasympathetic nervous system is also called the “rest and digest” system. So if you are in fight or flight, your body has more important things to do than digest.

    I’ve heard and read the 3x per day as well as I have looked into colon cleanses, etc. It seems extremely optimistic it todays world. When we were walking around in the woods without pants…maybe. But today, we are often in places were you have to delay (meetings, driving, etc)



    cleanses are actually very good for your digestive system. I think they are a crucial part of recovery. but they have to be done regularly.



    the best movement i find is twice a day. once in the morning and once in the evening. i’ve also noticed for a fact that exercise helps increase frequency of bowel movements.

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