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    I took a Heart Rate Variability Analysis at my doctor’s office, showed that I was constantly stuck in sympathetic function, opposed to parasympathetic mode. Arousal is impossible in this mode.

    Read the following, ALL of it:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Sound familiar? I am willing to bet that almost anyone on this board could take this test and come out in a sympathetic mode. I get the feeling that half the unknown and unsolved illnesses that we are dealing with are the same thing with the same cause, just a wide range of symptoms.

    This describes me perfectly:

    The results of these studies suggest that a fundamental alteration of fibromyalgia is a disordered function of the autonomic nervous system. Patients with fibromyalgia lose the normal day/night cycles (circadian rhythms) and have a relentless sympathetic hyperactivity throughout 24 hours. This may explain the sleeping problems that the patients have. At the same time, such individuals have sympathetic hypo-reactivity to stress, which could explain the profound fatigue, morning stiffness and other complaints associated to low blood pressure. This autonomic nervous system dysfunction could induce other symptoms of fibromyalgia such as irritable bowel, urinary discomfort, limb numbness, anxiety and dryness of the eyes and mouth.

    Wonder if the penis is considered a limb?

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    i definitely agree with this… my parasynthetic NS is more f*ked up from my tmj or at least its exacerbating everything 10 fold right now..My jaw compresses nerves on my skull causing shallow breathing and increased heart rate which causes this problem with cerebral blood flow which led me to taking psych drugs for 3.5 years for no reason to begin with where i lost my sex drive…i thought i was just super anxious all the time for reasons i couldn’t control…so i need to fix my jaw now to fix my parasynthetic NS or do a super job at meditation if i can’t fix it…deep breathing is essential as well as taking supplements that promote ATP and oxygen to the brain…ginko, piracetam in moderation…i think accupuncture and massages are essential as well as moderate aerobic exercise each day…i would like to see what others will say as the parasynthetic is such a critical system for normal body and brain functioning…cortisol and adrenaline screw it up real bad..i read taking fish oil is good for compensating the loss of neurotransmitters which i take daily in cod liver form…

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    this doesn’t mention parasynthetic but its worth looking at anyways…

    …i also think continence is essential too whether you took drugs or not to not over-excite the parasynthetic more and for neurotransmitters to settle down to fix things…

    i plan on seeing a chinese healer guy next week which hopefully can give me some advice about what to do with my health regimen and maybe give me some accupuncture..



    Right now my doc has me doing an intense 15 minute workout twice per day, such as jumping rope or sprinting. Also, twice a day 10 minute nostril breathing, DMAE, and a mixture of kava, damiana, and oats. He’s trying to get my system to calm down as quick as possible. We’re going to start on some physical therapies such as cranio-sacral and acupressure. I tried cranio-sacral a year ago just to see what it was, and ended up falling asleep after about 5 minutes. I thought it was a waste of money at the time, but now I see that this was what it was supposed to do.



    i like this strategy of the intense workout twice a day…I have seen it recommended in other areas as well…

    i have chronic inflammation in my head from my jaw so its gonna be harder to heal…

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] —cure parkinson’s naturally…

    I emailed this guy a while back it costs money for help but it might be true the stories on his site.

    “One should do exercises that are progressively stressful or resistant. When exercising, one’s muscles should be contracted to their fullest extent and joints should be carried through their full range of motion. A short period of intense, vigorous exercise for one, is better than a long period of mild exercise.’ —this is for parkinson’s i guess b/c i think light exercise is better for most people..


    Vital energy is used up by all the activities of life. Vital energy is used up by physical activity, by talking, digestion, emotions, thinking, seeing, hearing, smelling and sex.



    Vital energy is indeed used to all daily activities. Some activities use more energy than the others. Emotions of ecstasy ( passion, love, happiness ) are very close to the definition of energy. When everything is in perfect balance and there is enough warm chi in our organs we start to experience those emotions very powerfully. Correct attitude is also important, mental state is not solely driven by the body. Thinking/reading too much negative things can cause stagnations to the body.

    Drugs creates extremely pleasurable feelings but cause a severe deficiency to the body.

    You should see that we can feel happiness constantly, not just when having sex/ using drugs. This should be the goal I think.

    Two culmination points in healing:

    1. Make sure your body produces new energy out of the foods you eat. This will contain all the exercise, massage, relaxation, meditation, positive thinking,… whatever you use to cure yourself.

    2. Spend less energy than you benefit from your diet and practice. Abstaining from masturbation/ejaculation is a practical way to conserve energy but does not help much if there is an imbalance/stress in the body so no new energy is produced.



    About 3 years ago my doc told me that he thought I had fibromyalgia after I began developing tendonitis in muscle/joint after another back to back, but told me there really isn’t anything one can do about it.

    I’d like to hear more from you mastershay about how you’re going about treating it.



    Well it’s weird because I’ve been treating it for a couple months now without realizing it. When I stopped the antidepressants I began a weekly session of Bowen’s Therapy, which I mentioned in a topic somewhere a while back. I managed to beat the depression through this, plus yoga once per week, then finally taking the Adrenal Fatigue supplements for the last three months.

    Wouldn’t doubt it at all if the depression, cortisol levels, and nervous system were all tied together. So treating one would be like treating all of them.

    I wondered why the Bowen’s and Yoga were helping with the depression because I had started doing them for the sexual problems. According to a bunch of articles on google, they both bring a person into a more parasympathetic mode and balance cortisol levels. I don’t doubt it, because I always feel great when done.

    So I’m going to do as much as possible of these two, plus start craniosacral therapy. If you search for it you’ll see tons of controversy as to whether or not it actually does anything. I had it done once before last year and fell asleep almost instantly, which was impressive considering I have super insomnia. Plus, I’m pretty confident in my new doc so far, so I’ll follow his advice and try it some more.



    try some aloe vera soft-gels.



    i just got some kava…my dislocated jaw is making my whole system over-active for sure…I’m hoping this kava can help calm it down a notch…how many times a day are you taking the kava Shay? Does it lose its effect the more you take it?…I feel i’ll never get my sex drive back until my jaw is fixed or in a better position which may require surgery if conventional methods don’t work but at least this will help me for the time being in improving i hope… but if i can take it for the long haul it might be a huge aid in curing both pain and the over-drive of the NS…i also read it increases dopamine which is strange…I hope it doesn’t cause downregulation of the dopamine system over time…

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