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    Ok, after going through these forums and reading practically every thread in the past two weeks, I have decided to seriously find a way to heal. Because the experiences and opinions of most members differ, I’m a bit confused about what to do. My plan as follows looks like this:

    I. No Masturbation (duh)

    II. Supplements

    1) Multi-Vitamin (Mega Men)

    2) B-Complex supplement (from GNC)

    3) ZMA (Pro Performance)

    Ok, now what else should be added to my supplement list?

    And what should I do in terms of nutrition?

    As far as my symptoms goes, for the most part, I just have a weak erection or, sometimes recently, no erection no matter how much stimulation I get. Other stuff such as bad memory, white spots on finger nails, etc., don’t apply to me. It all comes down to my erection.

    Now what do you guys suggest I add to my supplement list and what should I do about my diet (which is not high in saturate fat, but is low in fruits and vegetables)?

    Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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    for one after much of research i have found most vitamin supplements are completely useless!!!

    spen 200$ and get the full adrenal glands/thyroid test done, its well worth it.

    mostly all supplements contain Stearates, and when they contain Stearates i think you can only absorb like 25% of the supplement.

    life’s to short to buy nothing but the best (pure encapsulation is superior brand)



    I would heavily invest in a B-complex formula and antioxidants. very important.




    I agree with this statement. Stick with organic foods and vitamins. I would also add to your list:

    * zinc picolinate (between 60 – 90 grams a day for at least a month and then taper off)

    * cod liver oil (every night before retiring to sleep)

    The zinc picolinate will nourish what you have lost through ejaculation since its mostly comprised of zinc and the cod liver oil is good for prostate too. I would definitely abstain from ejaculating for at least two months and see what happens. I noticed that when I abstained that my boners were bigger (stronger -longer) and ejaculation was far more intense.

    Woodies are much better now!



    I am planning to take Dr.Ron’s Organ Delight, Adrenal/Liver/Testicle glands. Would I still need Zinc Picolinate on top of this? If yes how many mg should I take (60 to 90mg)?



    Thanks for the help thus far guys, but I have some questions.

    1) If I take Zinc Picolinate, should I then discontinue my use of ZMA in order to not get too much Zinc in my system since ZMA has 30g of Zinc, my Multivitamin has 25g of Zinc, and the Zinc Picolintae would have 60g, totaling 115g of Zinc, which seems a bit excessive, don’t ya think?

    2) Which anti-oxidants should I intake?

    3) What is the direct effect that Cod Liver Oil has on recovery from Sexual Exhaustion?

    4) Any general guidelines as far as diet goes?

    I hope that you guys will continue to share your knowledge and insights with me and thanks for all the help provided.



    cod liver oil is an easy and good source of Vitamins A and D plus it also provides EPAs and DHAs and these have a myriad of benefits. of course you won’t be able to use megadoses like the case with fish oils but you don’t need to. Its a valuable supplement I use together with other oils.

    as far as antioxidants, well there are bucket loads but here some of my favourites:


    green/white tea

    Vitamin C



    as with regards to diet I like to include lots of protein/fruits/veggies and minimal grains in my diet. its really something you have to experiment with. for some people grains work very well.



    This answer is also for :

    115mg of zinc a day is okay, initially for a few weeks. You do NOT want to take anymore than that. The only side effect that I would experience from taking too much zinc would be a dull headache. Then after a month, cut down on the zinc so that you are only receiving about 60g a day. What you could do is take the zinc picolinate every other day for a month and see how you feel. Zinc picolinate that I take is only 30mg capsule.

    30g(ZMA) + 25g(Multi) + 30g(zinc pic) = 85g a day <—- good initial daily amount!

    As far as diet goes, try to eat as much organic as possible and with many fruits and veggies. This will help your digestive tract absorb good nutrients.




    spen 200$ and get the full adrenal glands/thyroid test done, its well worth it.


    best place to have the above done?



    ZRT but make sure you sign up with Canary you get 100$ off



    Anyone have anything they’d like to add?



    yeah for the B-Complex look for Methylcobalamin as your form of B12. P-5-P would also be a good idea to be present.

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