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    I’m new here and don’t know where to start for my healing. I’ve spotted masturbating for 7 days, but ejaculated just today 🙁

    Can someone help me PLEASE?

    I’m 19 years old, been masturbating maybe once a day since im 12! 🙁 my porn addiction got worst around 16 where I could do it 5 times a day maybe once every 10 days (still with the daily masturbating and often twice). I remember being able to get a huge erection only this summer! (August) My penis started to be unable to stay hard and as huge since maybe a month. I don’t smoke cigarette, and drink rarelly.

    I take a multivitamin daily in the morning, I changed my diet for my gym workout to only healthy food, no more extreme processed food. I only drink water. Workout atleast 4-5days a week at the gym (weights).

    I can’t get an erection by myself anymore (I need either to watch porn or a woman, and yes im cutting off porn!) and when I do it stays for maybe 10 seconds, and is half hard. When I see a hot girl at the gym let’s say I do wanna bang her, but i dont have any body stimulation anymore, is that my Libido?

    My symptoms that I know are:

    -Buzzing hears
    -Erectile Disfunction
    -Watery semen
    -Lower back pain (but I spent alot of time on the computer sitting on my coccyx through all my high school)
    -I think I have a prostate inflamation because since im maybe 16 my urethra itches after an ejaculation.
    -Ejaculation pain (If I’d ejaculate and get hard right after my urethra would hurt badly like it’s stretching)
    -I might have sleeping disorder? I mean I’m a teen.. could be anything.
    -I sweat ALOT when it’s hot or I run/workout.
    -Short term memory sometimes.. Isn’t so good.
    -Low libido (recent)

    Is there anything I can do to recover, how do I know if I’m recovering? I’d love any tips etc. I don’t want to be a virgin forever because I can’t get it up!

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