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    Hi, trying to understand my labs

    in 11/09

    testost: 496 ng/dl reference range: 250-1100

    test was done 3;40pm

    in 10/10 646 reference range: 250-827


    in 02/11 574 reference range: 250-1100

    test taken 12 pm

    what confuses me is reference range , can any one explain how to read it?

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    The references are different from Lab into another, so no worries about it

    but defentiley your testosterone is better than many over here, not because of the numbers but because of its ability to fluctuate which is a good sign.

    Do u do something special?



    its the same reference range in all 3 tests. It should be 250-1100, but some labs think that T above 827 is too high (which is not true, a T of 1000 is perfectly healthy) so they set the upper range at 827. So basically its still the same range, you dont look at it proportionally to the limits. They are all supposed to be 250 and up.. there is no set upper limit on Testosterone.

    So basically looks like your testosterone is around 600. That’s not horrible but not good either. Some people have a testosterone of 600 naturally. But since you’re in the SE forum and suffering from SE symptoms I bet your natural testosterone should be much higher.

    Also keep in mind this is Total testosterone. There is also Free testosterone. The free T is the more important test. Free T indicates how much of the testosterone is actually usable. Some people have average total T (like you), but very low free T. Most people actually, including me.

    So when you get a chance test for free T. Also test thyroid function (T3, T4, TSH), adrenals (cortisol 24 hours), estradiol, and DHEA and anything else you can. Without having all these results first you can’t start supplementing anything because you don’t know the entire picture. Right now you know your total testosterone, which is about 1/10 of the picture. Once you test everything else, post results, we’ll help you figure your deficiencies and what meds+supplements you’ll need to take.



    In 11/09

    my Free T was 60 pg/ml reference 46-224

    bio T was 128 refer. 110-575

    total T 496

    T4 free 1.1 refer.0.8-1.8

    Vitamin D 23 refer. 20-100

    Feritin 730

    cortisol total 13.3

    Igf-I 94 ng/ml ref. 126-382

    In 02/10

    IGF-I 165 ref .126-382

    vitamin D 131 ref 48-144

    Vitamin B12 394 ref 211-911

    in 03/11

    Feritin 320

    T total 575 ref

    T, Free 78 ref 46-224

    cortisol total 15.4



    I don’t do anything special, I withdrew form sex first time for four month, had all kind of side effects first two weeks, but what I find out during that time that my T had like cycle, ups and downs, maybe every two weeks I would feel some arousal and after few days it would disappear , leaving me with inflammations and etc. I have bad fatigue during days for many years, constantly want to sleep, and my mood wasn’t good, didn’t felt happy. After first month change my eating habits, went compete protein diet, in a week fatigue was gone. In the morning I would take twin lab amino liquid and I notice it would make my eyes smile it gave me good mood, + I started eating lots of salads and omega 3, to make it short one day I just just happen to have good mood when I got 110% aroused, lasted for an hour , few days later at evening i took one square of dark chocolate and that did the same so after that I started to thing that I need to focus on neurotransmitters , and felt relief that maybe it’s possible to recover,

    And my doctors think that I am healthy, which is not true.

    Also I notice if I would eat for example pork leg, that would boost my T,

    And after second sex abstinence and third it’s getting better and better, between abstinences I have simple sex, no porn no mono.



    My DHEA sulfate 299 ref 110-370

    Prolactin 8.4 ref 2.0-18



    your results dont seem to bad, IGF1 seems a little low and T isnt to bad..

    it would be ideal to see more thyroid results



    I’ll get TSH results inn few days, but doc told me they are also ok, I don’t’ know what to do next



    Don’t listen to your doctor. Unless they specialize in hormones and anti-aging they probably can’t help you so just demand any test you need.

    Your free T is really low as expected.

    Ya more thyroid tests would be good. And cortisol must be a 24 hour saliva test (measures cortisol 4 times throughout the day). Cortisol total that you had done says nothing. And then next test Estradiol (E2).

    DHEA doesn;t seem bad, if that range is correct, because some ranges go from 110-500. Prolactin is elevated because of all the imbalances.

    Your B12 is on the lower side which may indicate that your liver is clogged (undermethylation). My B12 is low too. You’ll have to get a Vitamin Mineral Amino Acid test. Watershed lab offers it for 80$. It tests all vitamins minerals and amino acids (neurotransmitters). Then deficincies will show whether or not your liver is backed up. Do the other tests first, but I strongly recomend this one too because if your liver IS backed up, then supplementing for liver (with B12 and folate) would be your first step, because if liver opens up it may help other areas like thyroid, cortisol, maybe even T. So thats why its important to gather all possible tests before starting to supplement because you first have to figure out everything thats going on and come up with the best way to approach it.



    Thanks I’ll get these test and more done asap



    DHEA test I had done twice and first reading was 365, and after a year it when down to 299,




    it could be an indicator of adrenal exhaustion



    I think I have adrenalin exhaustion, because when I switch to protein diet my fatigue was gone, so what should I do in that case? stay on diet for ever?

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    Well , adrenal fatigue isnt addressed by many doctors

    but what u can do is to get a comprhensive blood tests to see if there is an indication of lowpoor levels




    what other test should I do?




    Beside the upper list

    Nutrional Profile


    Vitamin D

    Vitamin B1 &B3

    Folic Acid

    Vitamin A







    Liver Panel

    Whole Androgen panel

    Total Testerone

    Free Testerone






    Cholestrol (Lipid Profile)

    Glucose Fasting




    Have notice hair thinning, is that could be due thyroid or DHT? what is usually

    a case?



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    My 3rd generation TSH with reflex to free t4 = 1.9

    What does it means?




    I didnt get it , ist the TSH ratio to ft4?

    and what is the range if provided



    is it is TSH w/reflex to FT4 1.9 range: 0.40-4.5



    Yes it is TSH w/reflex to FT4 1.9 range: 0.40-4.5




    according to some of the resources , if your tsh goes out of the range then they will run ft4

    the result is fine according to my understanding

    iam assuming that ur tsh is 0.35-0.4

    and ft4 18-19

    which gives you a 1.9 for the reflux

    here is a link for a small description

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