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    so this is what i have so far, and i will alter between 1-2 maybe a third day every day to keep from the same schedule

    day 1

    oj =norepinephrine

    boiled eggs = choline

    mixed nuts = minerals + serotonin x .5

    oyster, clam, shellfish. = zinc

    Nuts before bed time.

    day 2


    boiled eggs

    cerial / cashew = zinc

    chickenbreanst, baked/broiled halibut, beef loin. = serotonin

    nuts before ed

    Now obviously I will eat more food during the day, but overall i will make sure to consume these.

    any other suggestions as to what I should add? theres obviously lots of room for it to grow =/

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    Honestly I highly doubt this will do anything. I eat pretty much all of those food groups for working out/football.



    ya diet is just for general health it will do absolutly nothing for SE. even if its perfect.




    Pineapple, Bananas and Coconut

    Oils : olive oil and sesame oil

    they will help alot in feeding your body….proper diet is essential to heal and retrieve your strength back



    ya im aware that this alone will not cure me, but i do believe that a specialized diet can help a bit.

    I remember when I used to eat nuts a lot before bed time I would usually wake up with slightly better boners then when i didnt. i googled this and found that it does slightly help with boners. granted its not much, but hell i need everything i can get =/



    shell,l can you explain to me why i need to eat those food? what is it in them that I need so much to help treat my SE



    ya but so what if you get slightly better boners…..i mean if you had a girlfriend or a F*ck buddy i guess it would make sense to try everything in your power to increase your sexual function but if your single then its kinda pointless.

    I just think diet is along the same lines as abstaining and herbs….honestly even more pointless

    to be fair when i first got to this site i listened to the whole eat raw eggs and cashews every day and i did it for a month and there was no difference in how my penis functioned.

    diet is important to healthy living but i guess i just dont want you to be disaponted or something . go for it i guess.



    I did the raw egg yolk thing too. It also did nothing for me.



    Its wishfull thinking. It may help general health, but one needs heavy aminio acid therapy to get any kind of clincal response.



    it probably is wishful thinking.

    im not going to try it to get better i guess, but to not get any worse i get you should say =/

    hardasnails, do you know of any links to info on this site or another about amino acid therapy for SE? i know little about it.



    there are fucking mad fucking posts on amino acid therapry

    none of them talk abotu SE

    you gota figure shit out on your own

    SE is not recognized

    SE= fix neuros, fix testosterone, fix thyrouid, fix adrenals and your cock will work beautiful

    amino acids is only part of the problem



    Every one is different some need more dopamine other need serotonin. The only way to monitor it to do

    1. Do amino acid profile urine spot – to check to see where levels are at

    2. Once low levels or glutamine, tyrosine, trytophan are indentified then you have a starting point to now what to supplement.

    3. If you do a urine neurotransmitter panel and they are all low as well as amino acids then you have your answer

    4. If your AA are fine and neurotransmitters are low then one needs to look at the receptors which could be from lack of Fatty acif, heavy metals, thyroid or other hormonal interaction.

    So as JS36724 was mentioning it is a combination of an integrated approach. The most logical approach is to take a comprehensive approach and to use common sense. Each approach is indivudalized but needs to be monitored through testing and also persons symptoms are the best gauges.



    if your eating something your allergic to (wheat or dairy or others foods) this can have a huge effect on hormonal health especially autoimmune disease which can be devastating on hormones.

    having said that paleo diet is probably best diet to follow.



    Paleodiet is one of the best but it can be come repeative at times. Variety will help keep it interesting.



    as long as you avoid white flour and white sugar your good to go.

    some people need to be on more of a specialized diet. this is where someone like HAN comes into play.

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