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    posting this on the off chance somone may be able to help,,, ive got all my suppliment lists, im waiting on a few jobs to come through so i can buy them tho

    thing is, sleep does nothing for me,i wake up tired and with a feeling of general dullness, by 5-7 im nackered, im tired all the time, its doing my head in.

    im building up to my exercise regime,as its a lot ive started and am working up to the full hit so to speak,

    has any one else experanced this? how did you over come it

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    what would you suggest for cycles?

    going for the 10mg per day



    Your estrogen levels can rise same as testosterone levels and everything that comes with that(acne, agression), if you take to much you risk chestpains(experienced that one myself). There’s no research on the long term use off it.

    Or take it every other day, or do a month on a month off, or two months on two months off.

    For the rest it’s only good, you feel energetic, don’t feel tired all the time anymore like you don’t seem to manage to catch up on sleep no matter how long you sleep. Gives you a very good sense off well being and makes you more confident. Recovery period in what ever you do is shortened, I work alot and have alot off stress which I used to be able to manage very well but that changed and I would get tired at the slightest excercise I did.

    Now it’s like it used to be. Stress doesn’t affect me much anymore.

    It’s cheap to buy to got my one from this seller


    That will last me for well over a year and it only expires in 2009.

    For sexual exhaustion you have to take it for about 2 weeks to see if there’s any change. For me there wasn’t much. Then again I’ve just been to preoccupied with work, joys of being self employed I suppose.

    Hope it works for you if/when you get it

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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