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    So my name is Nate, I’m 21 years old and I’ve had premature ejaculation ever since my first sexual encounter. I’m not sure if I have sexual exhaustion or something along the lines of that. I used to masturbate religiously from the age of 10 up until recently. I do a couple of times a week now but during the years I did, it was everyday, and anywhere from 1-5 times a day. Maybe more. I’m in decent shape, no fat really and a considerable muscular build although I haven’t regularly worked out in over a year, but I’m a machinist so I lift heavy things everyday and it maintains my body. I don’t really eat healthy anymore at all, my diet consists of mainly fast food. But anywho onto the symptoms, I have a receding hairline, pretty bad lower back pain, moderate to severe depression and anxiety, fatigue ( I can sleep for hours and hours and not wake up refreshed, although I intake a large amount of caffeine a day so that could have something to do with that ), groin and penile pain (mainly in the shaft and around the base and normally only after sex, but not always), and sometimes I have a hard time concentrating but its not too bad. I’ve only briefly read the symptoms list and ill repost with more if I happen to experience any others. Although I do have a pretty damn high libido most days, and I am able to achieve very hard erections but they usually get weaker in a minute or 2, around 85-90% erect. Premature ejaculation is completely ruining me I feel, it has my mind completely consumed at nearly every point during the day so I’m not sure if this may be a psychological problem because of that. I think about sex probably 85-90% of the day and it really depresses me because I can’t last longer than 2 minutes unless I’m under the influence of some drug or alcohol. I really don’t know what to do and it seems as though there are some very knowledgeable people on this site that may be able to help me. I have a fiancè and we are to he married in the very near future, however, Idk if I can do it in this emotional state. I don’t know how we can have a healthy relationship if I can’t even sexually please her, I’m supposed to be a man, ya know? I have no self esteem or self confidence anymore, I’ve never been this way in my life and I’m searching for anything or anyone that might be able to help me. I’m kinda desperate at this point. Any information or tips would be more appreciated than any of you will ever know.



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    Also, I forgot to add that I started looking up porn around 13 and it hasn’t stopped since, I’m pretty positive I was addicted to porn and masturbating, I used to masturbate almost always before I fell asleep, while laying in bed. This is where I believe addiction came into play, because I always tried to use it as a remedy for not being tired enough for sleep and it usually worked although, I would do it like 3-4 times some nights before I could fall asleep. Here’s where I think I screwed myself because I convinced my mind that I need it to be able to sleep. So therein lies where I believe serious masturbation and porn addictions came into play, I rarely look at porn anymore and I seriously cut back on masturbation. I wish I had known it would cause all of this and I would’ve never started.




    The most noticeable of your problems points directly to prostate problems. Gotta check it out with the best urologist available.

    Premature ejaculation is common among prople with prostate problems, and also erectile dysfunction.

    Keep in check, he have very simillar issues, maybe he finds out something soon. He seems to have a neuroquimic cause for the premature ejaculation but who knows, still having prostate issues.

    Depression and anxiety can come from the incredible frustration of not being able to have normal sex, and fatigue can come from depression, BUT both can be related with neuros and adrenals. You should check those out, man. The reccomended tests are all ver the place.

    Drop the caffeine. Its incredibly bad for people in states of adrenal fatigue, SE cases etc You could try Green Tea instead.

    By the way Quote: that sounds like a interesting job mate!

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