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    Here is a book which help you in healing whatever you try to heal and will help you understand why you have to execute your freedom of choice in order to get better. And also, why we suffer and have to be responsible over our actions. I have researched enough healing methods to know, that people who use more of their freedom of choice will heal more quicker.

    Healing means much more than simply popping some pillers or practicing a certain method, since in order to heal we have to use our freedom of choice and live according the tao ( or purpose as the writer of this book claims ). Of course the book has similarities with taoist texts, but is very much different and misleading from taoist approach. I do not have time to correct those misleading thinking patterns, since we can always read tao te ching or do our reasonings and end up to the same conclusion as the daoists anyhow ( but not the religious daoists, religious daoists are not really daoists at all ). What is, does not require any believing or religious rituals, those can create fear among people since people become scared of not being able to live according to man made principles ( principles should only be used to relearn the tao whether it is the tao of eating, tao of sex, or whatever ). Also, religion can create illusion that there is some kind of bridge between god, tao, ultimate nothingness, or whatever we want to call the un-named creator and human. Eliminating such man made rituals and relearning the connection with the universe or what is ( or isn’t ) is the fastest way to spiritual enlightenment. Taoist approach is thus to follow rules, which can be considered no rules at all. The taoist ideal is also to get everything done right by not doing anything at all since everything flows automatically to correct direction ( human self-learned stupidity create all the problems in the universe ).

    The book do have good ideas, thats why I post the link here.

    Some excerpts from the book:

    “What if we refuse to learn? We suffer. We suffer until we

    understand why. We suffer until we develop some ideas how

    to avoid suffering. We suffer until we understand enough.

    We suffer until we understand The Purpose and adopt it as a

    way of existence by our Free Will.”

    “Amazingly, any act against The Purpose results in suffering

    and misery experienced by Individual Intellects. It may be our

    own suffering, or the suffering of others. The more severe is

    the disregard for the Purpose – the more severe the extent of

    suffering and misery that results.”

    “Since we are intelligent – and we do not like “suffering and

    misery” – we have the opportunity to LEARN how to avoid it.

    What is the ultimate lesson? To learn to live and act according

    to The Purpose of the entire Universe.”

    “Can we avoid making mistakes? Let me answer you with a


    Can a child learn to walk without ever experiencing falling


    Making mistakes is essential to the process of learning. We

    cannot totally avoid mistakes – because by doing so we would

    eliminate the very mechanism of learning.

    However repeating identified mistakes can and should be

    avoided. Also, we can use our intelligence to observe and

    learn from the mistakes of others.

    How do we know what constitutes a mistake? In essence, any

    action that disregards The Purpose of the Universe is a


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    There are lots of evil influences in modern society.

    One is the gmo ( gene modified food industry ) and many food producers in general.

    By not marking the foods what they really contain or if they are gmo-foods, they take off our freedom to choose. They treat people like they treat pigs, not tell them what their food contains. Please, buy only world class organic natural foods even if they cost more than un-organic disease- causing foods.

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