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    Remember it is when you have finally calmed down, it is then you have to face the situation and massive nervous weakness in your body. Your intensity and over-masturbation/over-ejaculation allowed you to continue the destructive practice for many years. Maybe even still now, you are not calm enough to let your body really recover by resting.

    Many members suffering from sexual exhaustion / nervous weakness have noticed that when they finally calmed down and started to research their situation their health rapidly declined. I had this experience, in the last days of over-masturbation I could still masturbate many times every day, but if I´ve had continued this practice after started to calm down, it would have killed me or drived me to the edge of suicide in couple of weeks.

    You want to calm down, you want to rest and recover, you want to accumulate energy instead of use energy if u really like to heal. Avoid things that stimulate you, eliminate the desire to find one “cure” from herbs and substances. You are then 100 hundred times better off. If turning the engine to highest gear in the car, it will of course consume the gas more faster. You want to increase the gas, not speed up the engine. You do not want to turn off the engine altogether of course, otherwise you will die. Yin and yang should be in balance.

    I have changed my opinions many times during my research. What I now write in this article is quite close how I think things go now.

    First come the period where you still over-masturbate and start looking for the cure from substances and herbs, that even further depletes your body instead of recharging the body. Dr. Lin reports that he tried a herbal product that only turned his body to highest gear, giving the lifetime highest libido but after a while he realized that only caused him to lose what little energy he had in the reserve. Observe this forum, and you will notice similar experiences.

    Then comes the denial and depression phase, you are angry towards anyone and do not believe that there is anything wrong with you. You will have an internal conflict between your body and mind. Your body has never before limited your life so you do not know what the &ell is going on. Your body does not work like it used to be, you want to still believe that if you do something or take something, it will sure very fast turn your body to 18-years old body. Of course, this will never happen.

    Then comes the active research and “finding the own path”-phase. Here you test various approaches, observe your body, try different methods, foods and supplements. This is the most important part of the healing, the most productive part. I did all my research during this part. This could be called also the “waking up phase”. You will also realize the importance of staying mentally balanced, positive thinking etc.

    Finally comes the part, where you would like to just live as normally life as possible. But your experiences have teached you it is better to calm down, accumulate energy and trying to be a balanced person. You now realized the bodys energy reserves are too valuable, without these there is not much joy or motivation in life.

    You can always go back to very intense lifestyle, but prepare to die early or find your health seriously falling apart being beyond cure in later part of your life.

    Good luck.

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    I add two things what I wish to have realized earlier. I hope those who are in the first phase of healing can benefit from these advices:

    1. stop the excessive masturbation / ejaculation immediately. Give your body few months for resting then regulate it greatly. You do not want to look back to your healing period and say: ” I wish I would have masturbated back then less, if it would at least been to sex but to waste oneself to masturbation is really stupid” or “all these years I could have masturbated / ejaculated less but …..”.

    2. try to realize when I was under the influence of over-worrying and over-thinking so that I could have started to work on those, practice meditation and quieting the mind and all that. Over-stressing, thinking only negative things, worrying too much the future, this will give great burden to the body and really prevent the healing taking fully place. If you are too stressed to sit down and read a book, then you are over-stressed. If you wake up in the morning and immediately start worrying, you are over-worrying. Start reading good books ( all those lord of the rings should be just fine ), read and analyze spiritual or healing texts. Visual meditation is so far the best method I know for keeping the mind calm, picturing all great forests, streams and beautiful landscapes keep your parasympathetic system calm.

    I´m not sure if it is possible to learn the ability to become self-conscious about these things or do they come automatically when one gets older. Being calm and focused is normal, natural and good for health. Of course, if the body is weak or imbalanced you might not be able to be very calm but nevertheless you can prevent that your mind does not cause further damage to it.



    well said, but i believe if ones Vitality does not return within a few months of reducing ejaculations, and it seems almost everyone on this forum has done that and is still in the same position, except for a few but its best to seek medical attention from an open minded doc whos on top of there game.

    it becomes to difficult and can be dangerous to start treating yourself, its best to let it up to a good doc.



    Its good the doctors have at least some tools to test all these values, so people do not supplement by accident something they do not need.

    I have to add third thing to that essential healing list:

    To avoid over-whelming your stomach and digestive systems. This means that after you have eaten your meal, you should stop eating for as long as it takes to fully digest that meal. Otherwise you might not benefit from the foods you eat, or even worse eating before digesting the previous meal will turn off your metabolism altogether. Stop eating late at night, maybe 7 pm if you are able. Emotional problems can also cause digestion problems, remember to calm you down before eating. Never eat when under the influence of anger, hate, racing mind etc…

    Few words from Mantak Chia, who I consider the most advanced healing practitioner I´ve read or meet so far.

    From books Awaken Healing Light and Awaken Healing Energy:

    “According to the Taoist masters, if you stop eating when you are

    two-thirds full your stomach will have room to digest the food.When

    you are too full you lose lucidity and power of concentration.

    Wait at least one hour after eating before meditating, avoid eating cold foods

    including iced drinks and chilled fruit. They are extremely yin and tend

    to throw you out of balance. Let your foods

    warm up instead of eating them directly from refrigerator. Your body

    saves energy by not having to heat cold food.

    You may attain a high plane of spiritual evolution without being a

    vegetarian. Both vegetarians and omnivores are subject to illness

    and decay. Simply eat whatever makes you feel best.Try to listen

    to your body’s appetite and you will know what to eat: When you

    have an urge to eat something your body has a need for that food.

    Of course this applies only to those whose bodies are relatively

    healthy and have no extreme cravings for deadly substances such

    as refined sugar,salt, or oily food.If your health has been affected

    by perverted eating habits you will gradually recover a true sense

    of your nutritional needs by circulating the warm current of “chi”

    around your body.No one else can tell you what your need to attain

    inner harmony; vegetables alone will not make you pure or holier

    than fish.But you should try to eat food that is fresh and as free of

    chemical contaminants as possible.

    The digestive system is very sensitive to emotions, and many

    people experience digestive problems when they are under stress.

    When the body is on alert,as in the fight-or-flight response, digestion

    stops and the stomach’s digestive juices stop flowing. So pay

    particular attention to relaxing the stomach and intestines, and be

    sure to notice if the inner surfaces of these organs are irritated.”

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