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    Greetings everyone,

    I am very happy to find this site and realize I’m not the only one out there who is going through this/and doesn’t think it’s a bunch of bs. I’m at a point where I have said to myself “enough is enough” after a night of 4 wanks, shooting blanks on the last 2 while the second one was very watery. I have been doing this since a young age, around 10 i believe. 27 now. So this habit is deeply ingrained in my psyche. I managed to quit with a serious gf I was with since 04 and during that time I was a sexual animal. before that, i never really experienced major problems although i think looking back I was definitely desensitizing myself, and i did have issues with depression at times and anxiety.

    I got back into it slowly after a few years with her and next thing i know i’m no longer the beast i was and sex became less and less frequent and eventually it ended. I look back and I pretty much turned into half the man i was, by the tiem it was over… not just sexually but in other areas as well and i’m sure the change in hormones that htis habit causes is a major culprit. We ended it about 8 months ago and since then I really have gotten bad with this habit and I am really starting to notice the ill effects. shrinkage, trouble getting hard with the few girls i’ve gotten with since, libido is still high though. just don’t get that feeling down there from just plain viewing a hot female, i have to be roughly stimulated. Watch tons of porn, jerk off multiple times a day usually. Never get morning wood usually unless i go a night without it.

    I really think I have high potential for recovery, I’m a pretty robust guy, i don’t get sick, like i said my libido is high but I think i really drained myself bad and I need to really give it a rest. Looking at some of the other posts, I feel like i’m lucky because i’ve abused myself worse than a lot of guys here but I dont’ think i’m in quite as worse shape as most. I workout pretty regularly but I notice I am losing that edge In sports that I play and I am feeling more sluggish with the workouts lately.

    I think the last 8 months have wrecked me, I was doing lots of cocaine, drinking tons and just not living a healthy lifestyle in general, not to mention being depressed over the break up, and stressed about my general life situation which is shit, I should be doing so much better for myself. Anytime I started to recover I’d ruin it, I really have gotten out of hand with the drinking lately, although i haven’t done the cocaine in 4 months and don’t plan on it again. I do still use marijuana but not as often and i use a vaporizer so i’m not inhaling smoke. really helps me stay in a positive mood and I think that’s as important as the other things.

    I did manage to go 3 weeks without jerking it about 3 months ago when i had to stay with a friend for a while, and I noticed feeling much better and I just seemed more calm and centered, I talked to girls much easier, less anxiety, I’d be waking up with raging hard ons most of the time. Which Is my inspiration because I was onto something good and i blew it, even though it wasn’t the point originally, i was always aware of SE before though, and It got me interested again.

    My recovery plan Is to incorporate weight training a few days a week but not too crazy, aerobic activity 6 days a week and much stretching and yoga/pilates type stuff. also I plan on doing a nature walk often as I think this can be helpful. Obviously no more MB for a while if ever, in all honestly I don’t see the point, I know i can get a girl so why jerk it when you can have the real thing? I just have to wait till I know i’m recovered and get the habit kicked. Diet is going to be low carb high protien, mainly fish and eggs, with lots of veggies and nuts with a few fruits. I’m interested in hearing any suggestions for supplements, although i don’t have a ton of money i don’t mind spending a little on basics that are reasonably priced. I quit drinking and stopped caffeine consumption as well and i think that alone will be very helpful. i was thinking a morning protein shake with a few raw eggs thrown in and raw milk or at least organic if i can get it, with some almonds, a banana and berries would be a good breakfast.

    Any thoughts? THanks for reading guys, looking forward to responses. I really think that porn, specifically internet porn is having a very negative effect on men in society. Maybe It has something to do with men becoming wimpier and wimpier while women seem to have to take the reigns more nowadays? Who knows.

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