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    well I am 35 and have recently been hit by this, like an avalanche

    I guess I too have overmasturbated all my life and after 2 recent instances in which I masturbated

    I found my self feeling


    low mood

    weak legs

    nervous hands

    and feet

    feeling genuinely not so great

    no real enthisuam or get up and go

    my sack feeling like it has had the life kinda sucked out of it or kicked

    I have cut out aclohol as I have binge on and off, through the years

    I have an auto immune disease called sarcodosis, and some of the symtpons cross reference and are clearly connected

    I have also had the panda eyes,( like kidney fucntion is impaired)

    I was hoping to get back into dating again after 9 years of being in the wilderness (all sorts of stuff going on in my life, that got in the way)

    I am uk based and was thinking of going to see a Chinnese Medical Doctor as a loss of chi makes more sense than anything else to me at the moment, though I realise there are many underlying chemical processes at work here

    I have read much of the theory regarding the weaknening of the nerves dopamine and acterotayle and would appreciate any stories from peeps who have improved or been able to have sex again and ejaculate

    at the moment it seems the only choice for getting involved again is tantra which i find a bit involved or so I understand it to be

    I exercise regularly on home cross trainer and dance twice a week and eat mainly vegatables, but latley have craved sugar and crabs like it’s been going out of fashion

    has anyone improved with this, found things that help or do you all feel stuck with it for life

    anyone here from the uk with any encouraging stories

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    your testosterone is probably in the gutter.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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