Hi guys I'm John … new here … here's my situatio

Sexual Reboot Forum Hi guys I'm John … new here … here's my situatio

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    hello guys I’m John … hope you ate all well  

    here’s my situation , I’ve recently developed sexual exhustion through masterbation, my symptoms  are as follows … ED,PE(only happened once),semen leakage,back pain(now gone),thinning hair,pain in testicles(now gone), pelvic pain (every now and again),feeling depressed,forgetfullness

    I will be honest … I’m really scared,I’m scared i’ll never have another girlfriend,or have babies … I’m only 26 and I feel my life is over already … I’m so scared

    since this … I take 4 garlic cloves daily,bananas daily,nuts for sperm health,drinking more water and juices,almond milk,pomegranate juice

    and I have stopped drinking alcohol 

    I’m doing the right things ??? cus I’m

    not sure , 

    I exercise  3-4 hours a week and I walk a lot 

    can I take supplements and if so where can to get them ???

    can you guys give me some advice ???,I’m dying to know what the right thing to do are 

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    hi john, welcome

    i have verified your user to post, and moved your thread to the general forum,

    actual one of the basics in treating SE is to cut your masturbation or reduce it to its minimum.

    after that i would suggest to lower your stress, and change your diet protocol to more healthy and nutritious food.

    final get to do some blood work that includes hormones, nutrients and other types of tests…stool test for instance to detect any pathogens or poor absorption.



    thanks, … well I’ve just started takin multivitamins and cod liver oil

    I’ve STOPPED masterbation and porn completley,

    also going to the sexaul health unit on Tuesday … gonna ask him if he know anywhere were I can test my hormones,nurtrians my testoertrone level and sperm count also he offers a free blood test to that’s ok

    ordered shilagit gold although I was abit skepticle… weather it works or not,I don’t know, maybe I could be proven wrong … who knows … but it worth a shot at least

    btw, I still catch myself looking at women from time to time , why do you think that is ???

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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