Hi new to this but definatly have SE

Sexual Reboot Forum Hi new to this but definatly have SE

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    Hi im 21, ever since was abut 11 i have been masturbating almost everyday. I started noticing that i have been masturbating even when i didn’t feel like it…then i started masturbating on flaccid or weak erections just because i was so addicted to it. Now ever since around 16 i started getting these symptoms –

    Hair Thinning/Hair Loss


    Severe anxiety

    Weak erections

    Short lasting erections

    Dry Skin

    Lethargic feeling

    Lack of concentration

    Sleep problems


    I was wondering if it stop masturbating until i have sex…would it at least help these problems? Thanx

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    I think abstinance will only be the cure if your still getting morning erections and if your still responding to visual stimuli. Do you still have a libido? Anxiety and Depression is a good sign that your adrenals are shot and Dry Skin is a sign your over masturbation might have disrupted your thyroid to a certain degree. You should abstain for atleast a month and check to see if you improve any this will also alow you to possibly overcome the sleeping disorder.



    Im not sure i agree on abstaining anymore…

    1-2x a week would be ideal



    – yes i still get morning erections and do respond to visual stimuli and thoughts…but weakly. although its been nearly a week now of abstaining and im getting trouble sleeping more and have a tired look on my face…and getting frustrated a bit.

    Max – i think im going to try abstaining for a month as it might be different for me.



    You can also try Gaba and 5-htp to try to get to sleep to me Gaba works better than 5-htp but the Gaba you have to take on an empty stomach the only drawback there. Valarian root is another option although I’ve never tried it.



    abstaining lowers testosterone… you want more testosterone; ejaculation 1-2x a week keeps it high and healthy



    i do exercise every other day..im sure that is my testosterone fix…hey is it weird that i get some of the symptoms when im thinking of sex and porn?? i.e itchy scalp, anxiety




    Except for the acne, I can relate to all your symptoms.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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