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    Im just wondering who here has high blood pressure. At my docs today he told me that most exhausteds have it.

    Mine has always been a little higher. Today at the office it was 140/84 and my pulse was around 70 beats per minute. This is about average for me. I don’t know what else I can do to bring it down. I walk an hour every day, eat naturally, take my multi, fishoil,b and b complex, drink a ton of distilled water, and meditate daily.

    Anyone else here suffer with or have any tips on lowering, beyond what I am doing?

    My next apointment is in 2.5 months and I really want to see an improvement. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I know that fish oil pulls your blood pressure downward?

    Any way…I think you were under tense,,

    for me..I have my Blood sugar always at 100 or 105

    and I think its from my thyroid Issue



    Blood sugar at 100-105 isnt bad. As long as it is between 80 and 110 you have nothing to be concerned about.

    I need to get my blood pressure to 130/80. I feel my heeling is being hindered to a degree by having near 140…

    Fish oil hasn’t made a difference much if any for me unfortunately.

    Their must be something else I can do.




    I agree with that the blood range is normal , but I used to get like 90 or 95 while fasting

    I think some of my stress hormones are hitting the roof…and this what causes my sugar to be a bit high…

    for your case Akgstone…do you think its possible that the large dose of fish oil made your blood pressure to be elevated?

    Drinking coffee, smoking, less sleep, being worried may also contribute in increasing your levels of Bp

    Do you take any medication drugs?

    How ever, concentrate on your diet…potassium & Magnesium has great effect to lower the High level of bp…+ fish oil


    and try to retest your levels mush sooner Akgstone



    Can you elaborate more on what he said?

    I had high blood pressure a while back (130/90). It seems fine now. I keep an eye on it myself. I recommend you buy a blood pressure monitor.

    I find meditation really helps along with my daily one hour walk.

    I think people here are getting mixed-up with blood pressure and blood sugar.

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