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    the beginning of june when this happened I was assuming all my symptoms of brain fog, muscle weakness, testicle shrinkage , flaccid shrinkage, loss of libido, loss of appetite were all due to sexual exhaustion , but couldnt all that be signs of excess estrogen which my bloodwork shows I have and Im just finding this out since june.

    Im not denying sexual exhaustion or saying im not affected by it but my symptoms I had/have are the same of excess e2

    low sex drive

    excess body fat

    depression,fatigue and low energy

    poor memory

    low stress tolerance

    loss of body hair

    loss of muscle tone

    shrinking testes

    erectile dysfunction [b]

    I know estrogen is not good for the penis , and I assume this is why my flaccid penis has shrunk and feels lighter for the last 4 months.

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    Having high E2 very well may be the culprit, but then you have to think about, why is E2 elevated? I have the same exact symptoms as you, especially the shrunken nuts, I may have high E2, but iv never been tested for it. All though my body fat isn’t terrible (I am 5’7 at 135 pounds), I hold some flabbiness in my stomach and chest. I don’t believe I have sexual exhaustion from too much sex or masturbating, which i never really did too much of either, I believe my problem is from chronic stress and depression which i endured for a year. Recently I cut down on most of the supplements I was taking. I just added a Adrenal Natural Glandular to my “protocol” and it is by far the best supp i have taken. I take one a day and my brain fog is eliminated, my libido has increased slightly, but the big kicker for me is it has given me some MAJOR morning and night time good, I mean wood like i got when i was 15. Had sex yesterday to, and had a raging hard on and drive the whole time, for like 30 mins, I did abstain from ejaculating to. Taking this supp proves to me that my problems are from my adrenals. I feel if I keep this up, I may see some serious improvements.

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