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    well I found out my e2 level is at 55 (13-54) range from my sept bloodwork. but I noticed from my first bloodwork my tsh has dropped and seem to be coming up slowly


    tsh was at 2.0 (0.3-5.1)


    tsh was 0.63 (0.36 -3.74)

    ebv vca igm <10.0 (0.0-43.9) I guess this is the antibody


    tsh was 0.67 (0.27-4.20)

    can the time of the bloodwork throw it off that much , the test times where basically all in the morning at 9 and 10 .

    this last bloodwork is the only time I got estradiol done , so I cant compare that with other test. but I notice other minerals either came up or decrease some from the 3 bloodwork. I been taking Dim for about 4 days now with my ND supplements, I plan on finding a endo doctor to get new bloodwork to see if testosterone and e2 are in the right ratio.

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    tsh can fluctuate

    i really think lowering e2 will help, while also taking a good thyroid supplement like thyro complex or raw thyroid or gta forte



    it would be nice to see Testosterone, SHBG, Free T3, Sensitive e2, 24hr cortisol saliva

    those tests can take you a long way…

    other useful tests would be

    prolactin, igf1-, pregnenelone, progesterone, free t4, total t3, total t4, reverse t3, Ferritin, b12, DHT, plus others.



    either way your e2 is really really high… that e2 test could be the correct; the range is correct… most men do best with e2 20-30… your way above that…

    Was this done at quest diagnostics?

    this is the test from Quest Estradiol (4021x) Sensitive; (Male 13-54 pg/mL)


    Estradiol, Ultrasensitive, LC/MS/MS (30289X)

    But i believe most people have better results with the 4021x…. the Ultra sensitive maybe to sensitive .



    well max my shbg was 20(11-80) from my aug bloodwork

    prolactin 5.2 (2.0-18.0) from sept bloodwork

    still never got dht, cortisol, or b12 and etc. trying to find a endo or something that knows what im talking bout , the doctors I showed the high e2 all say its not bad , I even had one doctor ask was I turning gay, as all this was a joke. I would laugh if I didnt have shrinking testes and small flaccid, ed, and everything else.

    the labs from omega diagnostics



    You try DIM yet ?



    5 days on it so far , i feel sensations in my testicles sometimes I havent felt , and I dont know if placebo effect or not but I havent been feeling bloated like before still waiting for my penis to get back to size.



    How much are you taking and what time of the day are you taking it ? ?



    I take it at dinner time one tablet a day with my other supplements, for the last 5 days, I never take it on a empty stomach.



    Dim is an anti-androgen and an anti-estrogen

    you shouldn’t take it if you have testicular atrophy or even penile atrophy

    actually if you have penile atrophy problems are serious, its a hypothalamic issue and this takes long time to come back, i had this after being overtrained wow it scared the shit out of me.

    how is your androstanediol-glucuronide levels?? dont test DHT ITS USELESS!!!

    test 3-adiol-g which is the active metabolite of T to dht conversion. Thats what you need to see why you may or may not work sexually and to evaluate the activity of 5-ar II in comparison to aromatase.

    I don’t understand why you have so high aromatase activity. Its either you have some hypothalamic hypogonadism and altered 5-ar II activity of you are very fat or do some steroids or get affected by exogenous estrogens. Well, DIM act as an estrogen to some so be carefull with it.



    e2 increases TBG that makes thyroid useless to the body binding the thyroid receptors at tissue level. e2 causes shbg to rise as well .

    Dim does not lower e2 but may make receptors can make testosterone work more efficent

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