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    I was wondeing…can Histamine be too low? Does histamine affect testosterone? i know said that low histamine can help you last longer…but why? Does it lower libido? Does it affect testosterone?

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    did you get your histamine levels tested?



    No…I’ve just been taking Anti histamines everyday for alittle while now and I havent had an erections in days…



    i don’t think anti-histimines are good to take to regulate histamine levels if you dont know whether it is too high or low…I think macca and pure vitamin C are the best things that regulate histamine levels correct me if i am wrong on this. Have you tried just taking maca root?



    No, I wasnt taking it to regulate histamine levels…I was taking it for allergies. Does maca and vitamin C increase or decrease histamine levels?



    maca increases histamine (high l-histidine content, thus more libido)

    vitamin c lowers histamine



    Ok, what about B Vitamins, particularly vitamin B5, and magnesium?

    I’ve been doing alot of research and it seems that high histamine means high libido and good erectile function, but also means premature ejaculation.

    On the other hand, low histamine causes low libido and erectile dysfunction. If I stop taking this stupid medication, will my histamine go back up to where it is supposed to be? Because I mean I doubt the vitamin C and vitamin B5 is anywhere near as strong as anti-histamine medication.



    stop messing with this crap Raven your really going to F*ck yourself

    unless your seeing a doctor and have blood test dont F*ck with your hormones.

    take Vitamin C and ZMA.

    start jerking off 1-2x a week or start fucking some girl



    Max Max, relax. I’m taking a Anti-oxidant supplement(with vitamin C) and ZMA. You taking maca? Histamine is important in erectile function…finding good balance is key with this, as we know too much causes pre-mature ejaculation…and although lowering it may help us last longer, it may make it that we can’t even get an erection!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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