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    Hey, I registered here a year ago believing that I suffered from Sexual Exhastion. I just wanted to write a bit about my progress.

    When I first came across this message board I was very depressed but finding this board gave me some hope on the steps to recovery. Like most of you it all started with Dr. Lin and I have tried some of his products so I thought I’d let you know how it went.

    Originally I did not want to take his products and viewed them as a last resort but after splitting up with my then girlfriend, being too scared to escalate with other women and seeing a doctor who refered me to a urologist who wanted to put me on Cialis at age 20, truely freaked out and scared I gave them a shot.

    I am still undecided about Dr. Lin although his products did help me. For example, previously I had a cold penis, low libido, seminal leakage, was VERY depressed and unstable, sleep problems, no morning/spontaneous errections, cold hands and feet, unable to get an irrection with my then girlfriend and when I did it went limp or I came before entry.

    After love longer III for a month and love longer IV for two as well as ViaDopa for a bit most of these have gone away. I am no longer taking his products and haven’t taken then for many months. And it’s worth noting that I stopped masterbating for months and then regulated ejaculation.

    My penis is no longer cold, I don’t get seminal leakage unless I’m stimulating my current girlfriend (which I believe is normal before you have sex?), I don’t have problems sleeping, good libido especially after exercise, my penis is hard and remains hard during foreplay with my present girlfriend (which I take my time on), I am very happy, and I never ejaculate before entry. I’ve had sex with her three times in a night and usually I manage it twice. However I still suffer from premature ejaculation.

    Don’t get me wrong I am not totally healed after stopping Dr. Lins supplements I went limp sometimes when putting a condom on and I still have cold hands and feet. But I’ve been taking Maca (the best for libido), Cold Liver Oil and Ginko and these problems have got better.

    So in summary these were my old problems

    [b]Cold Penis

    Low Libido

    Seminal Leakage


    Weak Irrection

    Ejaculation Before Entry

    No Spotaneous/Morning Irrections


    Now this is what’s left

    [b]Premature Ejaculation

    Cold Hands and Feet

    Rare morning errections/not many spontaneous ones


    I normally last about 30 seconds but there have been times when I’ve lasted over 20 minutes (even though I was taking it slowly). And I’ve noticed that the morning after circuit training I’ve got a stiffy, as well as waking up in the night with a raging hard on.

    So what I’m trying to say is DON’T GIVE UP. It looked pretty depressing for me but now the situation looks a lot brighter.

    It’s also worth noting that my phycological state has changed, I’ve turned myself into a better person and stopped caring. For example with my ex I used to beat myself up about it afterwards but with my current girlfriend it just gets laughed off or joked about it.

    I remember reading a post here with a member asking another member how he could have a girlfriend with this condition. No disrespect to any of you but if she’s willing to leave you over this then she’s not worth having in the first place. Besides, there are plenty of other ways to bring your partner to orgasm. Just look them up, some of them are ruthless!

    I’d be interested to know what you make of my present conditions and any advice on overcoming them.

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    By seminal leakage do you mean pre-cum? Seminal leakage is leaking white semen through your ejaculation valve and precum is the sticky clear stuff that creeps out when you get horny. How much do you usually get? I get loads of preucum, but including essential oils in my diet is proving very usefull and its starting to get less and less.

    I feel I am around the same stage as you. I have premature ejacuation, but no particular problem with errections.



    In that case, I don’t get seminal leakage but I used to get it quite badly, like even when I wasn’t horny it would just come out during the day. But the pre-cum varies, last time I had sex the head was soaked but the time before I’d say it was quite dry.

    I don’t know about you but premature ejaculation is supposed to be one of the most common sexual problems so I think we have the right to consider ourselves close to being healed. What oils are you using?

    Also finding that if I lie my girlfriend on the endge of my bed and then send on my tip toes, focusing on where the spine stops just above my arse I can last much longer than any other position.



    Omega-3 oils. Im trying to get as much in me as possible by eating leafy greens, lots of nuts and plenty of fish. I also take Udo’s Choice oil, which is the best oil off the shelf because Udo (the producer) knows everything about oil and produces his blend in an oxygen free, light free and heat free environment, which most other essential oil producers do not, making their blends less effective. Essential oils are very delicate and need to be kept away from these elements. Udo has a book called Fats that heal and fats that kill, which I highly recommend!



    hey TheAutomatic,

    i read your post and im in a really bad spot. your story seriously made my day brighter.

    do you have an email address i can talk to you about your situation and the process of overcoming it? mine is grewal (AT) gmail (DOT) com

    im at rock bottom. i went to the doctor and he game me viagra and im 20…

    i have symtpoms like no morning wood and like a 25% erection when i try.

    please man if your around i just wanna ask a few questions to see how i can start getting myself out of this. the worst part is i just got the BEST gf in the world i dont want to lose her. i rarely have been getting sleep at night.

    i dont mean to bother you with any bs, you seem to have gone throgh the road thats ahead of me.

    thanks a lot.



    please man switch doctors.. or at least find someone who is more knowledgeable than your GP

    where are you located?

    max or may have some good recommendations



    Its interesting because if you read the ingredients in Dr Lins products you can understand why they are there. He seems to put in some of the major amino acids that are crutial to building neurochemicals, aswell as small amounts of GLA essential oil somehow?? I have also noticed a lot of B vitamins important for Acetylcholine and GABA production aswell as the minerals needed to make the conversions. Everything in his tablets are there, just in very small amounts. I guess you could potentially heal yourself with his products but it would probably take a loooong time and cost a hell of a lot of money, plus we cannot guarantee the quality of the ingredients.



    Instigator you are right, we cant guarantee his product quality

    Dont forget that he adds some strong herbs and he includes all the ginseng types [ Korean, Siberian ,Chinese] where they act as a good blood circulatory

    Yet his blends freaks me out…because if he recommends me to take three of his products a day

    and each product recommands you to intake 2 tabs

    Which means that you may exhaust your Kidney & liver…

    Just an opinion



    dude how did you regulate your ejaculation? once a week?

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