hopefully someone can give me the answer to my problem…..

Sexual Reboot Forum hopefully someone can give me the answer to my problem…..

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    I need to know why I have turned into the way I am.. How I can reverse it.. When i was in my early 20s i thought about sex all the time. Now that I am 32 I find myself where i don’t think of it as much. I have problems getting it up. I have had a double herneia operation, and went through a devorce at the same time, I haven’t been with no one in about a year and a half. Now i’m starting to date, and i am worried that i can not perform right anymore. I was getting it 3 times a day and it would last for 1hour or more, than i got married and it to 1 maybe 2 times a week, and heard alot of aren’t you done yet. than I had my operation, and went through the devorce. now i just can’t get it up even when i’m with my new girl friend. ( we haven’t been sexually yet) but still i’m worried that the thang is broken. so i have been told it might be phychological problems, if so how do i get over that.? I have also be told it might be a low testrone level? All i know is that all of my friend that are my age or older does not have this problem. 👿

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    uphill battle? I might as well give up then…

    I’m 36, no morning and spont. erections at the moment.

    that’s it…

    It might seem old to you guys but it is to young to be without sex for the rest of my life.

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