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    i don’t really have anything particular in mind, but i’m just wondering if it’d be possible to take hormones that emulate the ones that we have during puberty to jumpstart the growth that i missed out on. i have been extremely disturbed and preoccupied by the fact that my dick is small in girth, but long in length. length is no good without substantial girth. its bad if anything. i’m praying that my body can still naturally make my penis thicken some more, but i’m afraid that that time has already surpassed and/or the sexual exhaustion is inhibiting me from doing so. experienced/wise ones, PLEASE respond- I don’t think I’ve felt this hopeless and down since I found out about sexual exhaustion for the first time. I’ve been in a horrible depression lately- please help me

    by the way, i’ve been reading women’s opinions online and they all seem to say that girth is what matters. i’m also really fucking annoyed and depressed b/c i’ve been hooking up with this girl who i was def gonna F*ck but now i’m feeling that she’s not happy with my girth size and thats what holding us back. F*ck

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    I dont have something to say,,

    but you must know that many of us in here are average or below average maybe above average!!

    so being depressed about your girth doesn’t solve the solution

    woman also have breast issues but this doesn’t mean that they cant marry or give birth!!

    men opinion on woman body part differs from person to person, some of them want a chesty woman the other wants her thin…etc

    woman also have issues on their vagina elasticity, where some of them have a vagina where a 10 inch girth wont fill ….

    people are different alex…you need to be thankful that you penis is 6 inch, with SE you can lose your length and erection

    Finally, an average girth starts from 4 inch’s( 11cm) -6 inch’s (16cm)

    if you are between these figures then your an average…if you are below then you need to seek an expert in these issues…..

    Dont take actions that you may feel sorry for…



    dude im dead ass if your dick is hard as F*ck and u hammer a bitches pussy there is seriously no way she wont cum. Im dead ass i know it sucks that i guess ur dick looks a little disproportional but i wouldnt let it get u down. My dick is so average in size and before i had SE making a girl cum was seriously no problem so if you have an 8 inch dick then seriosuly its game the F*ck over.



    thanks a lot guys, i really appreciate the support. its just depressing as shit knowing that my dick would have been perfect if i hadn’t done such stupid shit during stage 4 of puberty, probably the most important stage. i have been hinted at that my dad and all my ancestors had great ones. js, trust me i know what your saying, just foreplay in itself can make the girl super horny and wet and eating them out is always a best bet. when it comes to sex, however, my dick can only do the trick if the pussy is tight enough. what women really feel is the stretching of their vaginal walls, for which substantial girth is needed. length, on the other hand, is nice, but so much of an issue when it comes to bring them to an orgasm, enless your really short. besides, having an 8 inch dick isn’t even really a turnon if its that skinny. my dick is like 5 inches in girth at its largest part and 4 at its smallest, which fucking sucks. thats like what a person with a 6 inch long dick would have at least.

    i’m like 18 and 3/4 years old. am i completely done growing/is there ANYTHING i can do to increase my girth at this point?

    js, if you don’t mind me asking (no homo), what’s your girth?



    Treatment for androgen receptor mutation and thus androgen insensitivity involves supraphysiological doses of androgen (T or DHT) — but may not work in all cases.


    Response to androgen treatment in a patient with partial androgen insensitivity and a mutation in the deoxyribonucleic acid-binding domain of the androgen receptor.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Supplemental androgen therapy has enhanced virilization in only a few patients with partial androgen insensitivity (PAIS). We herein report on virilization in a patient with PAIS and a point mutation in the DNA-binding domain of the androgen receptor. At the age of 19 yr, the patient sought medical attention because of undervirilization. Endocrine findings were typical for androgen insensitivity, but 5-reductase activity and androgen binding characteristics in fibroblasts cultured from genital skin were normal. In an attempt to improve virilization, high dose testosterone enanthate treatment (250 mg by im injection once a week) was begun. After 3.5 yr of this treatment, marked promotion of virilization was achieved, i.e. lowering of voice, male pattern secondary hair distribution, marked growth of beard and coarse body hair, increase in phallic size, increase in bone mineral density, and decrease in mammary gland size. In addition, serum lipid levels were not affected. To our knowledge this is the first documentation of successful treatment in a patient with PAIS and a point mutation in the DNA-binding domain of the androgen receptor.

    “… Furthermore, cotransfection assays with an androgen-responsive reporter gene revealed a diminished trans-activation property of these mutated AR at an androgen concentration of 3 x 10-11 mol/L, which could be overcome by higher androgen levels ”

    “… Our patient responded well to androgen therapy. This response was marked not only with respect to muscle bulk and sexual hair development, but external genital growth was also favorably affected. Stretched penile length increased by 40% from 5.5 to 7.5 cm, a value somewhat below (17), respectively within the lower limit of normal (1. Libido, which had been nonexistent before therapy, developed normally, and the patient now reports regular intercourse. In addition, lipid levels remained unaffected. ”

    “Thus, androgen therapy not only may be useful in PAIS individuals with androgen receptor gene mutations in the ligand-binding domain associated with defective androgen binding, but in some instances may also be successful in patients with mutations in the DNA-binding domain of the androgen receptor, presumably not affecting androgen binding to the receptor”

    “… At this point it is of interest that recently the effect of long term (5-yr) high dose androgen treatment in another patient with a mutation in the DNA-binding domain of the androgen receptor at position 608 (Arg to Lys) directly beside the mutation found in our patient has been reported (15). However, in contrast to our patient, long term treatment with testosterone and its analogs over many years had no effect. He was reported to have a limited clinical response to extremely high doses of testosterone (500 mg, three times a week), which resulted in an increase in libido, more frequent erections, and the production of penile discharge during sexual arousal. The reason for the discrepancy between these two patients remains unclear. ”

    “The same mutation (Arg607Gln) found in our patient has also been detected in the androgen receptor of two brothers with AIS, who displayed clinical symptoms of Reifenstein’s syndrome, i.e. penoscrotal hypospadias and microphallus at birth (19). At the age of 55 and 75 yr, respectively, both patients developed breast cancer, a rare disease in men (20). In addition, a third patient with PAIS (hypospadias, microphallus, and gynecomastia) due to a mutation in the neighboring codon (Arg608Lys) developed breast cancer (21, 22). Two main hypotheses have been proposed to explain breast cancer development associated with the androgen receptor mutations found in these men. First, prolonged abnormal sex steroid exposure of the epithelium of the mammary gland, i.e. loss of the protective effect of androgens due to a defective androgen receptor in favor of estrogens, could eventually trigger malignancy. Second, the mutated androgen receptor itself could activate estrogen-regulated genes through binding to estrogen-responsive elements and in this way cause cancer.

    As mentioned, our patient developed gynecomastia at puberty. Thus, we have monitored the patient’s mammary gland size, performing a mammography before and after 2 and 3 yr of treatment. Interestingly, a marked decrease in mammary gland size was achieved with therapy. A possible explanation for this outcome is that the deficient action of androgen (in the presence of a normal response to estrogen) on the epithelium of the mammary gland was partially reversed by high dose androgen treatment and thus might be protective against prolonged abnormal estrogen exposure. However, at the moment we do not know the long term effect of this therapy with respect to the development of mammary cancer in men with mutations of the androgen receptor. Consequently, regular examinations of the breasts during high dose androgen therapy for AIS are necessary.

    In conclusion, to our knowledge no clear and general applicable parameter or functional test is available to predict the outcome of androgen treatment in PAIS patients. Our results indicate that even in the case of a mutation in the DNA-binding domain of the androgen receptor, high dose testosterone therapy might be successfully instituted and thus appears to be warranted for a limited period of months to decide whether long term treatment should be continued. It is clear that thorough clinical monitoring is mandatory. ”


    Analysis of a Mutant Androgen Receptor Offers a Treatment Modality in a Patient with Partial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] … ?Doi=19540

    Objectives: In male pseudohermaphroditism patients, we have detected androgen receptor (AR) gene mutations as the underlying molecular defect. The properties of these mutant receptors regarding hormone binding and transactivation were characterized. In a newborn patient with partial androgen insensitivity syndrome caused by an AR gene point mutation, the functional analysis of the mutated AR offers a possible treatment modality.

    Methods: Specific binding of dihydrotestosterone in the patient’s genital skin fibroblasts, thermostability, and 5-reductase activity were evaluated. Furthermore, an AR gene mutation was detected by direct sequencing. The ability of the mutant receptor to activate androgen-responsive elements in the DNA was determined by recreating an AR expression vector and cotransfection experiments.

    Results: The newborn patient with partial androgen insensitivity showed a qualitative and quantitative binding defect. A point mutation in the ligand binding domain was identified as the underlying cause. Transactivation assays demonstrated that increasing androgen concentrations can restore the function of the mutated receptor completely. Therefore, the patient received androgen stimulation which resulted in good growth of his external genitalia and underwent surgical correction in the male direction.

    Conclusions: Diagnosis and therapy in affected patients will be improved identifying the molecular mechanisms that cause the various forms of sex ambiguity. Exact characterization of AR activation and function may offer a possible treatment modality in patients with the androgen insensitivity syndrome. Our results led to a surgical correction of our newborn patient in the male direction.


    Studies of androgen receptor gene mutations in patients phenotypically ranging from complete androgen insensitivity to men with preserved fertility

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    “… Partial forms of AIS present as varying degrees of undermasculinization, ranging from a predominantly female phenotype to boys with genital malformations, such as hypospadias or cryptorchidism. It has also been speculated, that subtle androgen receptor defects could cause impaired spermatogenesis without genital malformations. In the present work 13 missense mutations are described, identified in the AR gene of patients phenotypically ranging from complete androgen insensitivity to men with preserved fertility at the other end of the spectrum. The functional properties of 10 mutations have been characterized, using the approaches of site-directed mutagenesis, transient expression in COS-1 cells, and transactivation assays using an androgen sensitive reporter gene. Hormone binding assays in transfected COS-1 cells and genital skin fibroblasts from some patients were also performed.”

    “…With a few exceptions, the degrees of impairment of mutant ARs in vitro were roughly in agreement with the severity of symptoms seen in the patients. Mutation A596T was an exception. A596T was functionally normal at high concentrations of androgens in vitro, although it was found in two newborns with PAIS. In accordance with this finding, treatment of the two boys with high doses of androgens resulted in a positive response.

    “… In both men, in vitro studies showed reduced transactivational capacity as compared to wild type AR. The patient carrying the N233K mutation displayed additional symptoms not generally seen in patients with AIS; he suffered from musculoskeletal and urogenital pain. He reported a remarkable relief upon high-dose androgen treatment. We speculate, that these symptoms result from abnormal protein- protein interactions arising as a consequence of the mutation, which is located in the transactivating domain of the AR where very few mutations previously have been found.”



    theres this guy on a bodybuilding board in my country who has had testicular cancer and growth problems since puberty

    he was put on 500 mg testosterone per week for some time



    next time i got morning wood ill measure. ill let you know tommorow( no homo lol)



    My girth looks quite small. According the tape measure it’s 4.5 inches.

    And I’m only 5-5.5 inches length.

    Hopefully ballooning will solve this if I keep practicing it.



    those exercises don’t seem to hopeful to be honest. the only possible solution i can think of (for myself at least) is to somehow turn some of my length into girth. I’ve got a certain amount of volume with my erect penis, and if i could just change the shape of it that would definitely do the trick. that doesn’t seem very hopeful either though.

    i’ve honestly sunk into the worst depression of my life from this. twice now, i’ve been hooking up with a chick and everything’s been going great, but then when they get to my penis they get turned off. i REALLY liked the last one i was with and she was all over me, but i think its over b/c of this. the first time i hooked up with her she drunk and didn’t notice it so much, b/c she gave me head and told me she was down to F*ck when she was off her period. the second time she wasn’t so drunk and had the same reaction as the first girl i was with.. she was still at the end of her period but seemed less wanting to have sex. since then she hasn’t been hitting me up and i haven’t been feeling our energy so much. i know this is b/c of my penis, b/c that was the turning point- until then everything was amazing.

    I’m going fucking crazy right now because this is everything i live for, and this is all ruined because of my goddamn penis. Worst of all, I did this to myself because of my stupid fucking lifestyle during high school. I made to it to the university of fucking michigan and now i dont even want to do my work. i dont want want to do anything. i honestly just feel like crawling into a hole and dying. its also a shame because i know i can pull chicks here left and right- ive got great game, i’m a good kisser, good with foreplay and everything.. but this ruins everything. F*ck my fucking life and this fucking bullshit with my penis. i’ve never felt so hopeless and depressed before, and i don’t see it getting any better, because this is real, and there’s nothing i can do about it.

    its also realllllly sad that you guys are the only ones i can go to about this. im too ashamed to tell my family and friends, and most of the shit online is a scam.



    hey im pretty drunk right now, but just though i should say that im feeling better. this didnt just happen when i got drunk, but there really is much more to live for than sex and what not, although that is the ultimate drive to life. even tho im pretty sure this girl isnt so satisfied my my skinny cock, she still defiintely likes me for who i am and is attracted to me, we were hooking up for a whiel. im going ot bed, sorry for the drunked post here, ill revise in the morning. goodnight everyone, and godbless



    Alex…a 5 inch penis is not skinny!!!

    so dont worry because worrying will be diverted into severe stress and anxiety



    first of all it is pretty skinny… and thats only at the largest part, it gets down to about 4 inches at the base of the shaft. 8 inches of length also makes it seem even skinnier- its very disproportionate. 8 inches is uncomfortably long while 5 inches circumference is too skinny.

    sorry for being such a crybaby, i just cant get over this shit. ive been robbed of the essence of life and the blessings i was born with.

    last night confirmed that she isnt satisfied with dick b/c we would have fucked (the last 2 times we hooked up she was on her period and the first time she told me she’d be down when she was off her period)… we walked home from a party together and were hooking up in my room for a bit, but i could tell she didnt have the same passion for me, although my confidence and game not being as good as it was before may have played a role. im virtually certain shes about to be getting with some other guy, so i can byebye to this one, and the next one, and the next one…



    It isnt you, she is the problem. You have a big dick and 4 – 5 inches growth is not skinny !!! Guy thats almost 15 cm of thickness. I have 5.5 – 6 inches lenght and almost 5 inches thickness. And more of us in this forum has the same lenght.

    You need to be happy of what you got and have, i know we are now in shit but we can heal it!!!



    you’ve got the right attitude and you’re definitely right about us having to make the most of what we’ve got but unfortunately, im afraid this can’t be healed. this growth happens during puberty, and i’m pretty sure that time has surpassed. i just hate the shape and proportions of my dick as do girls. this is a huge blow to my self-esteem, which is probably worse of a problem in the longrun. last week when i was confident in myself was great with her, now my insecurity is fucking that up. i need to get over it, but its hard to keep stay positive when i’m a realist and i know what i was capable of. i would have been the fuckin man if it weren’t for this bullshit



    I am feeling your pain man, i have this shit from 15th and now i am 17 years old, in that time i havent grow so much. I see all my friends fucking girls and growing up. But this is life, my penis hasnt even grow. I dont fucking know what to do, and i live by my parents home.

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