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    I found that light exercise such as a couple push ups, a jog or walk, and some curls (with stretchin too) has been very benficial for me. But what i really wanted to talk about was that after when i shower. I started taking a hot shower first to open up my pores and relax and wash off. but then i would steadily turn off the hot water and eventually be on hot 0% cold 100% and stay in the cold ass water for as long as you can. I would also cup my junk and let the cold water pool around it. If your prostate is causing problems you can also let the cold water run down your crack and perinium. Cold water if good at reducing inflammation which i believe we are all suffering from. I would also notice that when I dryed off my penis would recover from the cold shrinking effect to a larger more engorged state than prior to the shower. i believe the cold is not only reducing inflammation but also working our circulatory system and getting that blood pumping. Going from room temp, to warm, to warmer, to cold, to colder, and back to room temp is like a workout for your cardio system. Try it and let me know what you all think/experience.

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