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    I always wonder about this… in what way are anti-oxidants related to sexual performance? Do they increase blood-flow? or balance hormones? what exactly do they do?

    Should we include anti-oxidants in our supplement routine?

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    Antioxidants slow down oxidation. Oxidation is what creates rust on metal, so to make things clearer oxidation is basically deterioration or aging. By getting antioxidants we are slowing down damage in the body and also slowing down aging so it will slow down wrinkles, grey hair and any kind of internal damage done to organs. Our bodies are constantly under attack by what is called “free radicals”. Cigarette smoke contains free radicals which attack the skin aswell as sunlight and many other things. Your antioxidants are your resistance against them. An increase of antioxidants will also increase your tolerance to sunburn.

    For us antioxidants will make sure our progress is protected from damage. If we had more antioxidants at the time we destroyed our sexual health then in theory it would have slowed down the effects of sexual exhaustion. Vitamin C is the most powerful antioxidant and then Vitamin E and A. There are many types of them and not all of them are vitamins. Green tea is an excellent source and so is normal tea – none of which particularly contain vitamins. This explains why many people say tea adds years to your life.



    Green White tea…fight cancer and increase body metabolism. lower DHT in some cases, regrowth hair loss.

    Grape seed extract is well known to lower cholesterol , maintain cardio vascular health , lower DHT , and also increase in wound recovery as some researches show.

    Lutein ,turmeric rhizome ,bilberry fruit, blue berries, rutein , querciten ,alpha lipoic acid… are all in the category of Antioxidant

    Vit A , C , E , carotenoids are Antioxidants

    They all have a supportive task to maintain the body functionality

    But the Question is… taking Antioxidants & Omega’s ist suggested?



    i take Vit C, E, Selenium daily plus Iodoral for health.

    plus many others.



    Vitamin C helps in coverting certian omega’s into prostaglandins. Plus omega oils (particularly from seeds) contain vitamin E, another antioxidant, which actually helps protect the oil from oxidation.

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