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    I know that most of us (and most men in general) used to ejaculate quite often when we were young.

    At this point for me in my mid-30s it seems that once every 30-60 days seems to be the most I can do at this point without feeling symptoms again. I have been using primarily eastern medicine to treat myself- herbs/sexercises/meditation/diet/ semen retention during sex etc.

    Has anyone “recovered” to the point of being able to ejaculate frequently without symptoms? If so, how?

    Personally it seems like its just a fact of aging that the comfortable ejaculation frequency rate is going to slow down. I don’t mind that much too be honest; I can have sex everyday and not ejaculate and it still feels good; orgasm and ejaculation are actually 2 separate and distinct phenomena.

    I have not yet tried the biochemical/neurotransmitter route though I am interested in it.

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    You need to lower your ejaculation frequency. Its unhealthy to ejaculate frequently. Since we are all exhausted the best thing to do is to masterbate once a month.



    Im starting to think of this all differently.

    like SE in itself doesnt exist. I mean its not our problem/condition.

    What i think we have is a hormone deficiency that too much sex/ejaculation makes worse because our bodies can’t keep up with whatever needed for that due to the existing hormonal problems. So we’re using up what we are already short of/dont have.

    So I’m thinkin if you find the root cause (of your hormoneal problems, sex in itself cant be it), you may be able to have sex alot again, like normal people. But i’d still go with not doing it much, because its not really worth the risks.

    I’ll be happy with my recovery once the brain fog, and mental problems are gone. then i’ll be fine.

    Being able to F*ck alot again isn’t really a goal for me.



    thanks guys, i agree with you both!

    for me learning how to separate orgasm and ejaculation has been very helpful.



    i define recovery as the ability to have the imbalanced hormones and deficiencies back to their ideal level (meds or whatsoever) and i think things will gather from that point.



    Recovery for me includes:

    1. No precum

    2. Long lasting erections

    3. Hard erections

    4. Orgasm

    5. Easy arousal from normal women (without the aid of porn)




    I can get the last 4 no problem; i tend to have a lot of precum though. never thought of it as an issue…



    What is precum?

    is it the clear liquid? if so then thats pretty much normal.



    sometimes people get prostate fluid confused with semen.



    yeah but what is it like? Maybe they have it confused with the normal clear sticky lubrication stuff?

    I googled and many people consider that precum, which is natural.

    if that is the case you shouldn’t let it bother you at all.

    Some even say sometimes it contains semen, i’m not too sure about that though.



    i think u r right about precum.

    i tend to have a lot of it, especially when with a woman, even when I don’t ejaculate. Never felt loss of energy with it.

    I have heard of folks getting pregnant from it- my ex-wife’s brother in fact was conceived by precum- daddy didn’t cum inside.



    precum is normal. Producing a lot of it isn’t a bad thing either.

    It’s produced by the cowper’s gland.

    There can only really be sperm in it if there was any left in the urethra from ejaculating recently, or if you were close to ejaculating, and then tightened the BC muscle in an attempt to stop it – some might get through.

    The clear fluid neutralises any acidic liquid in the passage, as the acidity kills sperm.

    If you leak a lot of pre-cum, I would not worry.

    This is from Wikipedia:


    In rare cases, a man may produce an excessive amount of pre-ejaculate fluid that can be a cause of embarrassment or irritation. A few case reports have indicated satisfactory results when such men are treated with a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor.[13]

    In such cases, one doctor recommended considering the differential diagnosis of prostatorrhea, the emission of prostatic secretions during straining associated with urination or defecation.[13]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    As for the OP’s question, “how do you define recovery?”

    “Recovery” means, returning to a normal state, so when you have normal, healthy sexual function back – you have recovered.

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