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    how would you describe testicle shrinkage , I would say my testicles have shrunken some dealing with SE but really its my scrotum that is doing all the shrinking. my testicles are retracted and the more my scrotum shrinks the more my penis does.

    trying to get this clomid as soon as possible but damn job, and money problems is holding me back.

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    becomes to shallow , not full Light

    minor loss in length , and width

    that’s how i describe the testicles shrinkage.



    balls can also hang too low like old man; indicating a loss of scrotal muscle tone from weak sexual energy.



    are there any primary cases on this forum. I was worried about having kids in the future but if I cant have kids anyway, whats the point of worrying about it im ready for this nightmare to be over. if you are primary , do you get your testicles size back even though your testicles dont work.



    i think the kids issue is more into semen volume, count , motality.

    the size can reflect very low testerone, estrogen domiance, adrenalthyroid issues, low intake of protein, poor blood flow, and possiblely a similar symptom to the Hard flaccid people

    diet, is another thing that can affect the testicles size, since you are stress like many over here, our digestive system passes many nutrients without getting it well-absorbed ( HAN concentrate alot in this area and i believe he is right)

    there could be other factors , but i think a T of 500’s or 400’s wont shrink the testicles…since both arent very very low like those who have a 100-200

    a question do you belive that your case went worse with the androgel and THCG Shots?



    it wasnt androgel I took it was a low dose bioidentical test cream lower than the 5gm androgel, i took that about 3weeks in jan. and noticed more testicle and penis shrinkage.

    the hcg also seemed to increase testicle/penis shrinkage one shot of 3000iu. two weeks later 200iu daily for a week.

    only problem with the hcg the doctor only took total t so I dont know what my e2 levels and etc were.



    so what r u on now again?

    does clomid help you?



    I see that going into the T creams or HCG without assessing the overall blood tests worsened your case, but the more you rush the higher the probability that youll make more mistakes.

    right now you have time to think clearly…give the clomid 6 weeks…test if the blood levels are good but there wasnt any improvement in the physical side try to add a blood thinner or join Obitoo Hardflaccid forum and see what they offer from solutions



    , applying heat for 10 minutes everyday will help.

    Either soak a flannel in water (as hot as possible without burning), or fill a sock with rice and microwave it for 1 minute.

    Some gentle massage round the whole area is good after applying heat, too.

    I had a similar problem and I’m doing much better as a result of the above. I also lightly stretch the scrotum down for 5 minutes after heat, massage.

    Also bear in mind that wearing tight underwear and/or tension, fear, anticipation can also contribute to it. If you’re constantly worried and aware of the shrinkage and other sexual problems then you also contribute to it.

    Being more relaxed and maintaining a positive state of mind will help.



    im not on any hormones or test now.

    im a member on obi forum, i have tried to stay positive and not focus on my penis at all which is what amazes me. even wene I dont even pay it any thought my testicles/ penis still continue to shrink .

    its like im damn if do and damn if I dont. I have did the heat compresses , warm baths they give relief and seem to relax things a little . I havent started the clomid yet should get it this week when i get paid.

    its amazing transexual take hormones and etc and still somewhat have decent flaccid penis and erections.

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