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    Guys, how the hell do you stop nocturnal emissions / wet dreams ???

    This is my major problem and it’s been with me for years. I had six wet dreams in September, nine in October, and we’re only five days into November and I’ve already had two this month.

    I gave up masturbation 4 months ago….TOTALLY. It actually hasn’t been that difficult, but I can’t shake these wet dreams. And I don’t fantasize anymore either and certainly don’t watch porn. I’m trying to heal, so don’t waste my time thinking about sex when I know I can’t have it. Too damn busy anyway.

    For months I’ve been doing cold sitz baths, not drinking before bed, daily exercise (strength training, fitness or Chi Kung) and I followed the advice on this forum with the raw egg yolks….I have 4 every morning (to boost acetylcholine and parasympathetic nervous system). As well as supplements and superfoods, my diet is very good (loads of veg – no junk) but is also high in protein, which I’ve heard could be bad for this.

    The problem isn’t entirely related to this period of abstinence though, because even when I WAS masturbating in the past, any time I ever had a minor break e.g. 1-week, I’d have a wet dream. In fact, I’ve had regular wet dreams ever since I started taking Dr Lin’s products four years ago. I guess they sent me over the edge into major sympathetic mode.

    Anyway, has anyone had this problem? It makes it absolutely impossible for me to begin healing. I’m getting nowhere. Do you have any ideas?

    Any help appreciated.

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    I would say to start masturbating again and regulating your ejaculations. Having a wet dream is your body telling you it needs a release. I have found during wet dreams I can force myself to wakeup when things get too intense. Apparently different sleeping positions can alter your ability to dream, such as sleeping on your front instead of your back. If you get an erection on your front the discomfort should wake you up. Masturbation should not effect your healing and abstaining is of no major benefit unless you are a raging sex addict.



    The questions is Why do you want to stop or lower your Wet dreams?

    I think your high and rich diet is a major issueو if you wanted to minimize the number dont intake a lot of supplements and seafood.

    Try to heavily exercise instead of 1-hr a day



    Try these suggestions:

    – Avoid eating excessively at night.

    – Avoid red meats, milk, coffee, alcohol, very rich sweetfatty foods, spicy foods. Especially in the evening like 5-6 hours before you go to bed. You can eat meat, just not too much for supper.

    – Work out that sexual frustration. Go for a run, get a punching bag etc.

    – auto-suggestion, before you go to bed at night, tell yourself forcefully that you will not do not want a wet dream…will it. As silly as it sounds it works. Control and discipline your mind.

    – wake up early, I’ve noticed that I tend to have wet dreams towards morning. Wake up early, like 5 AM or earlier, 4AM if you can.

    – if you have a lot of pent up sexual energy, go for a run, get a puching bag and work out etc.

    – avoid porn and sexual fantasizing.

    In hinduism the practice of celibacy and living that kind of life is called brahmacharya, there is a lot of advice on the web on how to maintain such a lifestyle. (Brahmacharya means control of the senses in thought, word and deed. ). Most brahmachari’s are vegetarian, and choose a diet with an aim to control the senses.

    Quote: extract from Ghandis experiments with Celibacy


    this is from Henry Thoreu in his book Walden[/quote]



    Thanks for your replies guys.

    Voodoochild, yeah I know sleeping on your back is a big no-no for this, but I can’t help it. Any other way means I can’t sleep at all and it’s a bit like I’m giving myself some vitality through preventing the wet dreams, but robbing myself the same amount through lack of sleep. I’ve tried the ‘knot’ trick to keep myself away from sleeping on my back but it makes the whole night horrible and I had to stop.

    Riseandfall, thanks for that list. Yeah I’ve read Thoreau. Like that Ghandi quote. I think diet is very important but I tried a total veg diet a few months ago and I lost so much weight (I’m already quite skinny) that it was simply out of the question. It made me feel weak and lifeless so I began to add meat and protein shakes in again. I do, however, think that it does limit sexual desire and probably wet dreams. Question: how to have a vegetarian diet without feeling weak and lifeless (and losing any more weight)???

    I’ve seen similar to Riseandfall’s list in a few places. At the moment I’m trying to do all of that stuff except the auto-suggestion bit, so I may give that a go. It’s weird because I don’t have any sexual frustration and I don’t do any porn at all, and have done very, very little sexual fantasizing in the last few months (I’m too busy with all the exercise and food preparation), yet the stuff just flies out of me during the night !! I think waking up early is important but I just can’t, because I need sleep. I’m exhausted if I get less than 7 hours and I can’t go to bed earlier because I’m too busy in the evenings.

    , for 2.5 months I’ve been doing lots of exercise, varying from weight lifting, boxing, stetching and the chi kung standing exercises, but this doesn’t help with the night losses.

    As to shell’s question: why do I want to stop the wet dreams? I think from reading this forum the answer is pretty obvious. Many people here believe abstinence is essential in the healing process. Although not everyone buys it, most people agree that a period of time without ejaculating is very good for us. There are different types of abstinence and different types of ejaculation (through sex, masturbation, wet dreams) and I would like to avoid them all for a while. My own emissions are DEFINITELY weakening me to a great extent. I’m not sure about the whole semen being life force thing, but I genuinely believe that it is a highly vitalized substance that gives us energy, vitality, hormones, minerals and probably lots of other things. It’s not just traditional Chinese and Indian people who believe that the loss of semen robs a man of healing energy and lifeforce, it is also American belief too if you go back 100 years or so (google free ebook ‘Vitality Supreme’ or ‘Plain Facts For Old and Young’ – they discuss ‘seminal losses’ a lot). Also, I believe that wet dreams are the worst type of ejaculation, and I know Dr Lin agrees, because it shows a very weakened nervous system if it keeps happening over and over again.

    I also believe that in my case these wet dreams are very unnatural. They should NOT be happening. The problem began when I was 24 years old, AFTER I became sexually exhausted. If it was natural then I would have had them when I was 17 (I didn’t) when I was a lot hornier than I was at 24, and a million times more horny than I am now (I’m now 27). This sickness caused these f’!kers. I really want to get rid of them.

    Has anyone experienced this themselves? Anyone beat this thing?

    Thanks again guys. Any advice appreciated.



    I wouldn’t worry too much about wet dreams, they are natural.

    Regarding eating meat, you don’t have to entirely eliminate it from your diet, just reduce the amount you consume during dinner.



    i agree that red meat and egg yolks are very sexually charging foods, maybe you should avoid these for some time

    maybe eat fish and chicken instead…

    try to focus on green veggies as you mentioned..

    maybe 5htp before bed would help along with magnesium to help you relax more.

    this is a tough one , im not really sure.



    I don’t eat red meat often. Most of what I have is fish and chicken. I’m definitely going to scrap any sort of meat in the evening and see if this has an affect. I like eating fish for dinner but will give that up. I have to have a protein shake after an evening workout though.

    Are whey protein shakes stimulating in the same way as meat is? Also, does anyone know if non-animal protein foods (e.g. beans and nuts) are stimulating? Can I eat these in the evening?

    Max, I tried 5htp for years; anywhere from 50mg to 300mg and it makes no difference at all. I also take 300mg magnesium glycinate daily (evening). Have done for 7 months. None of it works.

    Max, explain more about the egg yolks please. I thought that raw egg yolks were for choline, needed to boost acetylcholine which powers the parasympathetic nervous system (healing, calming, relaxed half of our NS). If that is true then raw egg yolks = healing, calming, relaxed NS. But I associate sexually stimulating/charging foods with the sympathetic nervous system (which fuels my wet dreams), which would be bad. I have read in a few places that eggs are sexually stimulating, like you say, but thought that must be the whites. Fill me in on what you know if you’ve got time. I’m having them in the mornings. Make any difference?

    Riseandfall, read the lower part of my last post about how unnatural these are (at least in my case). Google something like this… “free download Vitality Supreme” and “free download Plain Facts for Old and Young”. These two books will tell you tonnes about nocturnal emissions and describes just how bad and debilitating they are if they occur regularly, and more about their causes (weakened nervous system following sexual exhaustion). I’ll try to get you the links. I have them somewhere. Stand by…..

    Thanks guys.



    Egg yolks increase acetylcholine, which is actually related to sexual arousal. Maybe you are having too many. Like max says, perhaps try cutting them out for a while.



    I would recommend doing the recommended blood work to see where you stand, especially the adrenals.



    Nightly ejaculations are very easy to control. All you need to do is perform Mula Bandha every time you near orgasm/ejaculation. Mula Bandha is contracting your perineum muscles. In time, you may actually feel your sexual energy rushing inwards to your spine instead of your pants. Brahmacharis should also do regular meditation and other transformative practices like spinal breathing to free the energy.




    First of all congrats on giving up masturbation. Second of all, could you describe the severity and frequency of the masturbation/porn/sex/habits before you decided to go clean? In addition, do you feel physically and mentally drained as many would after a masturbation/porn session when your body has a nocturnal emission?



    , the sequence differs. Sometimes I may go 7 nights without one, and then suddenly have 3 in a row, on consecutive nights. Other times I’ll just have them every third night or so.

    Hey , yeah thanks. It’s been very easy to give up masturbation actually because I’m so sick of being sick, and I know that was the cause, so I’ll never take it up again. It’s also been easy because I’ve filled my evenings and weekends with stuff to do. I simply don’t have time for it. That’s not to say I’m not horny, because I am. I look at women constantly in the street, it’s impossible for me not too, but again, I’ll never go back to that shitty life. Not ever.

    The night losses make me feel weaker, yes. I find it a bit more difficult to get up in the morning after one. If I have them on two consecutive nights then it’s definitely noticeable throughout the day and in the past I responded to this with a couple of cups of tea to get me going. I now know better. Admittedly, during the last couple of months, since I’ve been doing a lot of the stuff I learned from this forum, they haven’t affected me so badly, even though the frequency is the same. I’m not falling asleep at my desk anymore, at least not every day.

    As for the severity of my self-abuse before, well I began as a 13-year old and did it every day for years and years, normally twice per day. When I was lonely and had nothing to do occasionally I’d do it three times in a day (solitude ruins us). It was a long time ago, but I remember a lot of occasions where I’d do it back-to-back, one after the other, with no rest in between. I was sexually exhausted and impotent by the time I was 19 (I’m now 27). My erection was soft and pointed straight at the floor, if I was lucky. I would have healed if I’d seen a forum like this back then. Because I couldn’t find anything like this, unfortunately I’m still in the same situation, it’s never changed. Plus now I also have a BIG fatigue problem. I’m exhausted all the time. Determined to beat this thing though.

    The thing that really tipped me over the edge when I was 23 was Dr Lin. His products destroyed me. I was just learning that I should control my ejaculation and I stumbled across his site and bought his products. They are nothing more than powerful aphrodisiacs, and on the first or second night I remember having a wet dream and thinking…”What the f!!k”. I hadn’t had one ever I don’t think. I believe his products pushed my nervous system into major sympathetic mode. I didn’t know what that was at the time, I was only taking them for impotence; that’s all I knew. I took them for a year and probably created some permanent damage. The wet dreams never stopped even after I’d given up his products. I think my problem is my nervous system.

    You can probably tell that this whole sexual exhaustion thing has beat me up pretty badly, and I’m still a shell of man, but you know what…… I think I’m going to beat this. I really do.



    If there is no sequential order then you need to take it easy ..but work to cure this disorder

    Your not the first who complains about Dr.Lins product , but when you stopped his supplements you continued into to another types of supplements.

    Notice that his supplements contains Vitamins and Minerals, amino acids and blends of herbs

    try to avoid them for a period of time



    Hey guys.

    First of all I’d like to thank everyone for their advice/opinion on this post. I’m leaving today for a three week vacation to India, so I might not be on the forum for a few weeks.

    , why are wet dreams in a sequence more significant, or how do they differ from randomly occuring wet dreams ??? Fill me in….. By the way, my sequence at the moment, over the last couple of months, is as follows (a 7 would mean 7 nights since the previous wet dream; a 1 would mean back-to-back/consecutive nights).

    8,5,4,8,3,3,3,1,1,3,9,2,6,1,7,1,1,9(last night)

    You can see the furthest I can get is 8-9 days without one.



    from your comment about lins product , I knew that your wet dreams are from them…because diet plays role in your sexual energy.

    from the day listing it seems quiet normal…despite the fact of repeated wet dreams in some days but in general its totally fine

    for your record you should monitor the following:-

    – your diet and supplement

    – your sleeping position…[ don’t sleep on your tummy bec. your genitals becomes in frictional state with the bed. don’t sleep without a pillow without a pillow]

    – your general feeling after exercise(tired or energetic) & your general feeling( where you happy,sad..)

    -emotional status

    write them daily in a note and see what makes the link when the wet dreams happens frequently…definitely you will catch the link

    I know your feeling of dullness after an emission but try to see the benefits of it [ cleaning your prostate…]

    By the way sequential emissions can be a sign of spermatorhea [ seminal leakage = weak nerves] which is definitely not your case

    Take care in your coming trip



    you will probably also want to avoid foods that have aphrodisiac effects. Avoid foods high in zinc, stop taking zinc supplements if you are doing so. Certain nuts such as pine nuts have high zinc content. Foods high in zinc have an aphrodisiac effect.



    Yes they’re also called Kegel exercises. Regarding PE it’s more important to learn how to relax these muscles. I believe stagnation/tension in the perineum/pelvic floor area causes PE because of decreased blood flow in penis (weaker erections too). Most likely you have (at least I had) chronic tension here (which may take many, many months to subside) , so what you need is relaxation not contracting. So I’m not suggesting that you contract these muscles like mad all the time, this would only cause more stagnation, but there is no harm using these muscles couple of times in a night, if needed. If you feel a small urgence, you may need to use only 20% of your full power to prevent ejaculation, anyways.

    Without a fully functional pelvic diaphragm there is no hope of sexual performance. Breath should reach all the way down to perineum so that sexual tension can move away from there. If it cannot move it builds up there and boom, ejaculation. You should make love with your whole body, but we tend to do it with only our penis.

    Relaxation is the key, but the ability to relax might be lost.

    I don’t claim this anything to be scientific or universally true.



    Stoxx, You should give Rehmannia Root a try this is suppose to stop pre-mature ejaculations and night losses.



    Thanks for the recommendation , but I’m done with herbs, roots and similar. I’ve only had bad or non-existent experiences with them, and often they have adverse effects which you don’t learn about until months down the line. I learned that the hard way (licorice murders testosterone apparently).

    Nicolas, I really like your angle with the whole yoga thing. I read your post here and one of your other posts in a different thread. I think you’re right. Contractions for strength of prostate/perineum, and stretching and relaxation too. Need both. But how do you stretch these muscles, other than deep breathing? How do I learn this type of Yoga?

    Contractions do seem to contradict Dr Lin’s Chinese philosophy though, that you should not contract PC muscles at all. Not that I’m particularly bothered about that last point. I’m guessing there is only a problem with contractions if you don’t also do stretching/relaxing of the muscles at the same time. Will begin doing these again soon I think.



    Hey , I can definitely relate to what you are going through. My SE seemed to get a little better during this summer. But I just went through a lot of stress and I am having nocturnal emissions again and my SE symptoms are back in force. I hate it, I’ve been having them like once to twice a week and afterwards I wake up that morning feeling really low and fatigued. I agree that they are not normal. The worst thing is that most of the time I don’t even have a complete erection when the emission happens Its like I am having a premature ejaculation in my dream! Which is a problem for me in real life too.. I have had pelvic floor tension problems for almost three years. It was when I noticed the tension in my pelvic muscles that I started also having sexual problems. So I am sure it is connected. Apparently physical therapy is the best way to treat pelvic floor dysfunction but I have been trying to fix it with other methods such as yoga, meditation and acupuncture. But now I am looking for a Physical therapist because I definitely still have it. Have you made any progress since your last post?



    Hey CCD. At last, somebody else who believes this is abnormal. I keep a moving average of how often I have a nocturnal emission. I’m averaging about one every four days. Nine days is the absolute max I’ve gone during the last 4 months (since I really started recording it) without one.

    Yeah, I don’t have erections either. Most of the time I ejaculate in the night when it’s soft. I think it’s some sort of nervous system weakness. I certainly never had this when I was a teenager, or even in my early twenties. SE caused this for sure.

    A couple of months ago I did form a real battle plan to get rid of this. I a checklist of things to do and not to do, based on everything I’d researched, to counter my nightly emissions. Problem is, I’ve been travelling like hell the last few months. I was 3 weeks in India, spent a week struck down by food poisoning, am in Malaysia right now, and am going to Chicago for a month as of Jan 9th; and when you’re travelling it’s impossible to eat the right foods, avoid meats, take your hot sitz baths and the right exercise before bed etc. So, quite honestly, my running average of nocturnal emissions hasn’t changed since I started the battle plan, but I’m putting that down to my travel related interruptions, and simply getting a few things on the list wrong, and also needing more time. As of Feb 6th, I’m a free agent, and no more travelling anymore, so hopefully then I can really start making progress.

    I’d be happy to share what I know with you. Maybe we can exchange notes. PM me.

    BTW, I’m very interested in your pelvic floor troubles. When you say you noticed pelvic floor tension, what do you mean exactly? What did it feel like? I read from Nicholas’ posts on this site that the pelvic floor can be relaxed/stretched doing deep belly breathing. Was that part of your meditation or yoga? In fact, maybe you should try to speak with Nicholas about that. Despite all the warnings, last week I actually began doing small amounts of pelvic floor contractions, on alternate days, based off N’s post saying that the pelvic floor had to be reasonably strong to stop nocturnal emissions, and that it would deteriorate during SE. I was wondering whether mine had lost all strength. Should I stop these contractions? Will I get ‘tension’ like you describe? After the contractions I spend a couple of minutes doing deep belly breathing and imagine the whole groin area to be breathing with me. I also massage the perineum a little. I contract all the anal muscles as well, not just the pelvic floor.

    What sort of yoga did you do? No good for you?

    Acupuncture help your SE at all?

    What are your sexual problems, other than the nocturnal emissions?

    Let me know.



    Pelvic floor doesn’t move by itself, it is the thoracic diaphragm that causes the pelvic floor movement. It’s all about breathing, relaxing and body-awareness.

    First you may feel nothing there.

    Then you may get a tingling sensation like something’s happening

    Then you may feel that blood flow has increased in the area

    Eventually, you will feel a wide relaxed movement there. This took more than a year for me.

    Do not ejaculate, watch porn or fantasize about girls. It’s all very draining to this area. Kegel exercises are NOTHING compared to these evil habits. I myself believe there is no harm of doing kegels outside sexual practice. It’s useful practice to increase body-awareness and sexual control. Try to separate urogenital, perineum and anal muscles. But it’s much easier to isolate these muscles when you have learned how to “flex” this area because the motion of the muscles is much greater then.

    You also need to loosen and strengthen your ribs, thoracic diaphgram and deep abdominal muscles for deep breathing to be successful. So feel other parts of your body too. There are many many ways to breathe. Just play with the breath and try something new now and then. Breathe to the point that feels good. Changing breathing patterns is a very slow but REWARDING process. With practice you will find yourself in that point where you take just a 2-3 relaxed breaths in a minute.

    How to fix breathing?

    -Running is good to start with

    -Relaxed, meditative yoga without any contractions.

    -Muscular action yoga with powerful breathing, like Ashtanga.

    -Daily breathing/body awareness meditations in sitting and lying postures (5-20 minutes)

    -Always try to be aware of your body and breathing. Try to locate any tensions in different situations.

    Good places to breath:

    Coccyx, perineum, navel, ribs (widening movement), lungs, diaphragm, heart, xiphoid, spine, throat, forehead, face, whole body.

    You may do just exhalation to another place and inhalation to other. You can go up and down with or anything you like. Try to use as little conscious force as you can. Just let the feeling of breath circulate freely. Let go of all body and mind control. When mind starts wondering, go back to your body. Do not react to thoughts. Ignore them.

    Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy by Mantak Chia is a great book.

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