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    How healed are you?

    i personally think im about 65% right now

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    25% i really doubt to be healed a day . I really affraid with these gene expression which can be alterned



    i’m about 90% healed.



    blue, what percent were you before u even began to recover?



    around 20%.




    what gene expression?



    do you think ARmour was a major factor in your healing?

    don’t you have to take armour for life?

    Blueshark, did armour help raise your testosterone?

    i’m really banking on the fact, that my thyroid is causing most of my problems and once i fix it i’ll be good togo!!!

    i sent dr.lin all my results and symptoms, he told me my thyroid is my cause.




    yes armour was the turning point really. yeah its a life-long thing. testosterene is something I have to check and might need to increase as well.



    well armour is suppose to balance everything out, so it should naturally raise testosterone and dhea, you should recheck to see if it went up. when your thyroid is unbalanced it causes dhea,testosterone to become lower.

    also make sure you keep close attention to how your reacting on armour, i read a bunch of forums, people stated sometimes they got really good on armour and then felt really bad again, this is due because there not at there right dosage, it can take several months to find your perfect dosage..

    blueshark read this link

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    i honestly have no clue how healed i am thought i was good but turned out mr. happy wasn’t cooperating as i would have liked




    thanks for the link. I’m carefully monitoring the dosing with my doctor, so hopefully all goes well.



    About 70-90% I think. I have little different case since my worst problems have been general exhaustion and weakness symptoms ( sexual exhaustion among other things that is the cause ), not the ones directly affecting my erection ability or sexual condition. And I do not also care so much about those if my health is otherwise ruined and energy is low. I want much more feel great vitality and internal strength in my body than forcefully have sex / masturbate.



    blue, how were DHEA, cortisol and testosterone?

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