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    You guys really need to say no to porn. I know its a powerful vice but how I did won over it? Well I slowly started looking at porn as a sin, I slowly started convincing myself that most of the people there are abusing themselves somehow and that pornography its just another destructive mental/spiritual weapon used by the physical rulers of the current world. I have even imagined how most of those girls must feel innerly and just wanted to talk with them and give them a hug, even while that sounds just sooo gay lol Now, my mental protocol have greatly payed off and everytime I see a woman holding two penises in google images in a random search (LOL), I mean by accident, I will quickly look to another place with repulsion and even fear, because I am deeply convinced that looking at porn its not only harmful but something that will be punished. Its not something strictly religious I also no longer enjoy pornography, even if I didnt have fear I wouldnt look at it ever again.

    Its the final victory, and God knows people like us need to win in something to realise you are the shit and can do whatever you want in this realm. So, I would strongly reccomend an spiritual or religious approach to porn addiction.

    If you think porn its not one very potent mind poison think again. Like 6 months from the last time I watched any and I still have obsessed fetishes and the images haunt me during the insomnia hours and some times I submit and masturbate to them. And my talk and mind are still Stifmaster alike, which in reality its not fun at all. Its only fun in the beginning when you become the swearing clown of your dudes that of course will applaud your continous sexua| jokes and commentaries.

    Links that woke up me completely in the issue are those:

    Masturbation its harder to control but with willpower you can abstain from 4-6 times every month and go from that.

    Its so much better to be with a real girl and have that warm feeling even though she will break your heart afterwards lol

    Stay strong and seek for the light, brothers. I know we can do it. You know you can do it. They think they are winning but from the ruins of our civisilation, colossal and jagged, are rising the strongest soldiers for love and freedom.

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    Dude this battle will go for ever. I often still think in porn or I masturbate thinking in porn so the power of it its great and still haunting me. But now at least im not poisoning myself further. If I were you I would go hard on the porn because stopping wathching it its just the start of a long process.

    I have had weak urges every month but they never got me really. Sincerely, my mental indoctrination of what pornography is its the thing that ended my addiction for good. Now it fears and sicken me watching porn as simple as that. You could say I have made myself like Pavlov did with his dog haha



    I know that feel, bro. Back in 12th grade, the year my jacking off was excessive, I used to jack off imagining myself porking one girl from school. It was an unhealthy obsession of sorts and I knew it.

    The girl wasn’t even that special…I don’t know what had gotten into me. Well, I’m glad that’s passed.



    Ok did it. He found porn on youtube, although he wasnt looking for porn, but for fetish videos. So I have been like 10 months porn free. Sheeeeeeet. I guess while you have a somewhat working penis and use the computer too much its nearly impossible to avoid it.

    I knew there was something in the air. Something about the old times, when I woke up this morning.

    Dont really like it. I think im really gonna need reducing my computer use, start doing something with my life and also start meeting women again. It seems my penis its better than how it was, and my body too. Because this doesnt means I will look at it again and I want to use the appropiate tools to satisfy my sexual needs without that demonic draining shit.



    well, small slips must be contained into not being a big one.



    Yeah brother, now I just need to control my masturbation and get a girlfriend or girls with some frequency. I have too much libido to simply abstain and they say having sex isnt as draining as wanking, etherically speaking. And anyway I wont be having sex every day thats impossible, so it will be simply a matter of waiting.



    Too much libido indicates positive signs. Have you gotten your testosterone levels check? You probably have them at an optimal level if you feel high libido.



    It was quite high, at least the TOTAL one. Around 900 in american units. Im the machoman! XD



    wow awsome. are you taking any supplements that might be helping u with your T levels.



    Even while I have relapsed to porn maybe 4 or 5 times since writing all this, those times were very distanced in time and were like the last lashes of the fish. Understanding what its pornography all about, what it means and what kinds of people and energies are engaged in it gives you the courage or reasons to stay away forever and even vouch for its elimination from our collective experience.



    Even though in reality, those teens are bartered out to fellow occultists for ritualized sex acts and those

    mansions serve as elite brothels. Much like porn, anyone fantasizing about the personas imaged on

    TV and the net, or in print, channels loosh energy to the handlers of the slaves fantasized about. This

    is the machinations of holographic idolatry, or black magic. In other words, those media personalities

    were not only reared through a SRA environment, they are husks that archonic energies speak and act

    through to further deceive the public. Mind controlled robots. This all has to do with a synergetic

    relationship between magician and their archonic masters.

    Meanwhile the viewers, or readers of the matrix script, are left feeling broken, inferior, confused,

    disoriented, insecure, and spiraling downward with guilt and shame, especially after exuding creative/

    life energy with repeated sex acts that are habitually done by fantasizing over digital images, images

    easily available over their electric Ouija board; any image that the ego can desire. People are

    programmed to stay within these parameters with ideas of normalcy, and conformity. Oh the power

    of sitcoms and reality TV — illusion. Even though these people will deny any shame, especially when

    coupled with the tribal, or gladiatory ideas paraded in between such acts, as seen with sports. It’s

    all fuel for the wheel. It’s a repeated cycle, or spiral manipulation of sex and aggression, landing

    the chicken into the bowels of the 8th level, without mobility. Men and women will defend their

    programmed humanist’s behaviors till the grave, or should I say processing hub, where they will be

    sorted for consumption and recycling. This is just one example of an ethereal, mechanized network of

    egos, or shadows that manage their hosts via environment, media, and behaviors. It is all an illusion.



    Yesterday watched porn and tonight some pressence layed over me for some seconds at 6 AM or so. It started as an erotic dream with a girl, but when I woke up I sensed that in the so called real world I also had someone upon me, I quickly moved, shouted “What the shit?” and switched on the lights. Of course, nothing to see. Not very scary but quite revealing. porn its of course a demonic gate, or a lifeforce harvest device which also lowers your vibrational field.



    I do believe in demons.

    do you think its Incubus?

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