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    aight so the last couple days iv been scheming on how to get another cortisol saliva test. Im from NY and its the one state that your not allowed to have the test delivered to your house ( fucking retarted). So ZRT labs and what not were basically out of the question for me unless I got a PO box in another state. But thats last option for me.

    I also didnt really want to drive all the way to philadelphia to go see shawn and Dr. O just to basically get a bunch of saliva cortisol kits. Not to mention Its gona take forever to get those results since there gona send the results to Dr. O and Shawn and not me and this tends to delay matters.

    So I came across a post of Janz on musclechat where he mentions how labcorp offers a saliva cortisol test.

    this is the link if you want

    Basically all I had to do is take my script from Shawn and Dr. O and write in the following

    Salivary Cortisol, MS

    Test Number: 500179 CPT Code: 82533

    six (6) serial samples

    Salivette tubes (item # 51.1532) and

    specialized patient collection kits

    (item # 38330G)

    You then take it to a Labcorp and they hand you a saliva cortisol kit!!

    And the best part…..because its done through labcorp its free!

    and the results get sent directly to you so thats awesome as well.

    Anyway if you have the option to do your own testing, or your doctor is really cool and open minded you can just do that and save yourself time and money.

    Im also doing a cortisol blood draw all day today. First one was 8am, next 12pm, and now 4 oclock coming up now. This is only does 3 times a day and isnt as good but also another option that works if your trying to save money.

    So in the next few weeks I sould have a pregnenolone blood test, 3x blood cortisol, and 4 x saliva cortisol coming in……all covered by insurance…..NICE

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    by free you mean insurance covers it right? cuz free free would be sweet.



    Ya my bad I meant insurance. But insurance means at least 80 percent covered if not 100. As opposed to 119 dollars. to me , a broke ass college student, thats like I hit the lotto. Well not really cuse if i hit the lotto id be fucking outa this mess. F*ck it, if it was mega millions id pay for everyones recovery.

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