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    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    Wow manny, this is awesome. I’m going to definetely try some of your methods!

    But I do have one question: You talk about massage therapy… I was just wondering, what type of massage did you use? Like… Back and shoulders etc.?



    the most effective places for massage for me was the back and head. in the studies they also done back,legs and head.


    thats a very useful website for research studys conducted on massage therapy. massage therapy is amazing because it even helps parkinson diease in studies because it raises dopamine and helps with sleep because of increased serotonin.



    alpha gpc is a choline supplement I’ve just only heard of now. However Alan Ritz mentioned cytidine-5-diphosphocholine as a superior choline donor and I did a search on google and it seems apparent that alpha gpc and cytidine-5-diphosphocholine are about equal. I have yet to try either and will get them and see how it works for me.

    Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Lecithin and regular Choline, I have tried…

    I will check out this craniyum thing…



    hey cheexiong

    could you please tell me your symptoms?

    you should also check out massage therapy. it increased serotonin and dopamine by over 28% in a month and cortisol decreased by 31% in a month. massage and alpha gpc cured me quickly. cortisol delays recovery because of its effects on hormones such as testosterone.

    another study done on massage therapy was done on depressed patients. they done massage twice a week and they were fully cured in 16 weeks.



    I have been in the game for a very long time, one of the longest here. Five years and nine months today.

    When I scratch myself lightly, it rashes.

    I don’t really have no emotions no more, can’t really be excited/happy nor really angry.

    Libido is nonexistent, a fine naked woman would not really turn me on nor can I get it up. Premature ejaculation is only a recent problem, about three years into the illness.

    I have always since ever, suffer from social anxiety. I’m so nervous around people I don’t know especially hot babes.

    I have experienced with over 98 different supplements in my career.



    hello cheexiong

    are you sure you aint got hyperthyroidism which causes low libido and itchy skin. there are different types of thyroid dieases. some cause high libido and some cause low libido. but itchy skin is also a symptom of it.

    hyperthyrodism is also a symptom of over masturbation as dr lin states it on his website.

    or have you got your testosterone level checked?



    I’ve had my testosterone levels checked and it’s not very high nor is it very low so testosterone is probably not my problem.

    About possible hypothyroidism, I don’t know, I’ll see. I’m possibility going to get an adrenal extract with thyroid extracts in it too. Thyroid conditions are closely associated with adrenal fatigue according to Dr.Wilson.



    Would it be safe to be taking Alpha gpc with choline, multivatamin and other oils? Just wanted to check to be on the safer side. I also take 5htp and ltirosine once in a while although kinda pointless since I don’t suffer much problems with sleep or have depression.






    I don’t think it would matter if you take Alpha GPC with other types of choline



    Personally, I don’t think choline would be even worth taking. I took it for 6 months, and it didn’t help one bit. Besides, you get enough “choline” in your diet. The Alpha GPC is the stuff that actually crosses the blood-brain-barrier, so I would only be concerned about that. =)



    From what I’m hearing alpha gpc might be just what we need . Even if it that doesn’t totally cure us, it’s a great supplement due to it’s other effects.

    Ordered a bottle from the author’s recommended site yesterday. Will share with you results once I have tried for long enough.






    Alpha GPC is definetely helping me a lot! I feel it the most if I haven’t ejaculated in quite a while, however, with having a girlfriend, it’s hard to stop for 3 weeks at a time, like you did, Armani. But I know it’s working! =)



    At 1200mg per day (with a few days off) so it’s been like 20 days and I have four capsules left of the first bottle (15 day supply at 1200mg) but so far I don’t see anything.

    But I’ve been in this condition for nearly six years now so of course nothing is going to be working fast.

    I have three bottles and four capsule left so that is 1200mg for the next 46 days. I will let you all know what the result is.



    hey bedwards,

    im not sure whether or not it would work on split dosage. it worked on me when i took it all at once. i used to take it in the afternoon on a empty stomach. but you can take it at anytime. it wont make a difference.

    cheexiong, it will only work if you have a acetycholine defiency.



    CheeXiong, read the edge effect, and you will gain knowledge about the neurotransmitters. Alpha GPC can not help you if you do not have a deficiency in acetylcholine.









    Im from Australia and have the typical over masterbation syptoms. I Take

    L-Arginine 1500 mg a day

    L-Trysine 1500mg a day

    Mega B stress complex

    EPO 3000mg

    Fish Oils 3000mg

    Choline Bitarate since i cant get more potent Alpha GPC Sad

    Lecthin 6000mg a day

    Zinc 75mg

    high Potent Multi

    5-HTP (US MAIL), GABA for seratonin and GABA. I cant get L-Dopa over counter here or Alpha GPC the dopamine and acholine precursors.

    As you know GPs (general practioners) or “doctors” cant help us poor folkes out. So i dont know how on earth i will get these subscription supplements to recover. The only way is if someone relabels a container like Dr Lin use to Relabel Viagrowth IV to Vitalife 1 cause of the DHEA. Im not taking Dr Lins formulas anymore i gather all my own ingredients.

    Can anyone help me get Alpha GPC and L-Dopa

    Greatly Appreciate Jason

    Sydney Australia

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    i would like to add to this post again by saying alpha gpc didnt work for me the second time i used it. for the people who want to fix acetycholine then the only products are choline, alpha gpc and cdp choline. huperzine is mainly for maintaining acetycholine levels. but if these products do not work then acetycholine wont get fixed unless your body recovers the levels naturally.



    i think you fiorgot to mention acetyl-L-carnitine as well.

    what about Lecthin?



    What is Alpha Lipoic Acid? Because I see two Acetyl L-Carnitine products and one has Alpha Lipoic Acid and the other doesnt…The one with it is cheaper too.

    Also how would one know when their Acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, and GABA(and even everything else) are all were they’re supposed to be?



    you mean just take a multivitamin, fish oil, borage oil, stop masturbating, and limit porn watching(as much as I can)? You really think I’ll be alright with just that? If so, I really needed to hear that.



    K dude, follow the exact post I gave you. I spent 30 minutes writing that for a reason. Follow it, and you’ll be fine.



    manny what are you doing at the moment in order to heal?




    the only thing i can buy is 5htp, tyrosine and protein shake from holland and barrett.

    but my main recovery method is the massage. this method is untouchable. massage increased dopamine and serotonin by over 30% in 1 month. the people in the study reported better sleep, less depression, better concentration etc. read which has a lot of massage studies involving serotonin,dopamine,cortisol etc. i just have to get back with my old girlfriend who had done a massage course!.



    i must get a massage sometime. my father siad its very good too.

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