How important would you say abstinance is

Sexual Reboot Forum How important would you say abstinance is

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    From personal experience, refraining for masterbation has helped me a lot but maybe it’s because I’m recovering sex doesn’t make me feel bad.

    Has anyone had this? Last time I had sex with my girlfriend I rolled over with a big smile on my face, however last time I masterbated I felt VERY down and last night I had a night emmission and I didn’t feel great today untill I got some food into me when I cheered up.

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    At first its so important…and it depends, some people recovers after a week of abstinence while others takes a 12 week abstinces to see the results and maybe more

    any way…in our case we need months to fully recover from masturbation and its effects



    i think abstaining for 2-4 weeks is good… but after that i think its good to ejaculate 1x a week until healed.. once hormones and nutrients are back to normal 2-4x a week seems fine



    Would abstinence help premature ejaculation at all?



    i dont think abstaing would help PE, but you can try for free



    actually yes…

    i havent posted this yet, but im lasting longer now that my Testosterone is up around 800nd/dl.

    basically optimzed thyroid, Testosterone and E2 is the best thing to beat PE..

    i have used 10mg cialis + 2 glasses of wine before sex which amazing results… this isnt the best thing todo,, but it wont hurt to use this method once in awhile just to spice things up in the bedroom…

    some men notice they can last longer when they just use them seperate either some wine or just the cialis..

    although overall i dont recommend cialis or Wine..

    i only recommend it if your forced to last long, either you ejacaluate under 10seconds or wife/girlfriend is getting very upset and threatens to leave you..

    but most women generally wont care about PE..

    you can try to abstain for a few weeks..

    fish oil, magnesium, L-tuarine, l-theanine, 5htp, may help though




    What are the tests that tells your level of testosterone? I think I will do my blood test as soon as possible.



    from Quest Diagnostics or lab corp.

    the ones in BOLD are the most important

    Bioavailable Testosterone #14966X

    Total Testosterone

    sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)







    Lipid Panel



    Comprehensive Metabolic Panel


    Total T3

    Total T3

    Free T4

    Free T3




    Fasting Insulin


    Estradiol (“ultrasensitive” assay only) #30289X



    on top of that i think Spectracell

    and a 24hr Salvia Cortisol is good.

    Where are you located? ANd do you have insurance?




    Montreal, Canada. No.



    you can probably order stuff from zrtlab, im not sure if they ship to canada or not…




    are they the main thiungs you recommend max

    fish oil, magensium etc



    Zinc (as Zinc Picolinate)

    magnesium glycinate


    those are my 3 favorits.




    would 50 mg daily of elemental zing be a bit too much (resulting in lack of copper) ?



    30mg Zinc (as Zinc Picolinate) of zinc is good.. i would take 1mg of copper or 2mg EOD…

    i was doing 30mg of ZInc and 2mg of copper, but my copper increassed alot faster and higher than zinc..

    i think 15mg Zinc (as Zinc Picolinate) and 1mg of copper would be a good safe amount daily.

    take them different ie zinc morning; copper evening.




    After 3 weeks of abstinance…my knees are better…and my morning erections are much better…didn’t take any supplements.

    I have a case, he is a friend…he’s 32 yo and married, he’s feeling weakness all the day around, he went to the dr and dr requested some tests, including T3, T4 , TSH and testosterone.

    TSH was 2.89, testosterone 16.6 ( normnal 8-42), T3 was below normal T4 was normal…my question is…is it sexual exhaustion? or the thyroid gland is going lazy?

    Am waiting your replies…thanks



    SExual exhaustion = low hormones..

    you have todo what is natural..

    for me it feel natural to ejaculate 2-3x a week, i feel fine doing it

    if abstaining gives you energy, than theres a reason you should be abstaining..

    listening to your body is key in healing..



    abstain for 6 months, if it doesnt work move on..

    if you avoid using hormones because you think they are unnatural and want to stick to natural healing. it will take you a life time.

    i know what works and that is using Hormones.

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