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    Hi guys,

    I would like to know how is your blood pressure? Mine is nowadays 150/70, so the first number (systolic) has been constantly high during this shit. When I was healthy in year 2000 my BP was something like 110/60.

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    I had the same problem up til about about 6 mos. ago and no matter what my doctor did, the systolic number would not go down. I averaged around 145/75. It finally leveled out on its own. I don’t know if it’s just coincidence, but it happened.




    I know that diastolic is more important number when describing optimal heath. But usually high diastolic numbers are something that only older people have. Since the people on this forum are mostly young, I want to emphasize and ask about the systolic number. According to my friend who is in med school, high systolic pressure can cause at least hardened arteries -> other problems. And personally I have been measuring my BP in many occastions, also in the peace of my home with an electronic device, in order to get a real number.

    Quote: “Exercise lots…good diet…foods such as bananas and garlic…and most of all reduce stress and sleep. ”

    I have been battling against this exhaustion shit for almost 2 years, and suffering even much more longer from it. Do you really think that I don’t exercise a lot or eat healthy? I think that the most people here have tried to do at least that…



    I wasnt talking about excercise and eating right to combat exhaustion…we were talking about BP. I know from experience that people can control their BP (in general) unless caused by a medical condition. You’re correct about systolic pressure by the way. It doesn’t surprise me that many people here may have elevated BP given the anxiety they experience regarding their current state(s).

    You stated that you have been “suffering” and battling this shit for almost 2 years. I suspect that this has resulted in anxiety which DEFINATELY influences BP. By the way, I’m half way way through a Ph.D in clinical psych…so I know a thing or two about how cognitition can influence physiology



    Thanks for saying that and I wish you and everyone here nothing but the best as well.



    my pressure was fine until becoming exhausted… then it became uncontrollable. it is getting better now. i hope that means its getting better.



    I have found if you want to lower your blood pressure drink fresh vegatable and fruit juices for a couple of days with salads. This will certainly lower your BP by the third day provided you are not allergic to any of the things you are juicing.

    Its my theory this helps flush the kidneys and liver while eliminating excess salt and reducing epinephrine… (lots of good enzymes)

    Also there is no question that excess epinephrine from dopamine conversion also plays a factor – just not sure how. I also question the

    link to allergies… since epinephrine is the natural anti-histamine. Histamine is released when IGE separate from the Mast cell during allergic reaction.

    We need a beter measurement and feedback system since everyone’s problems are different and obviously symptoms ebb and flow based on daily conditions. The seach continues…

    BTW – Want to increase your blood pressure fast… Eat lots of pepperoni pizza for a few days



    Thx.. i have the lower blood pressure

    any other “wise” suggestions?

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