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    If you abstain that long your testosterone levels are probably low to begin with.. anyone who has a healthy hormonal profile can NOT abstain from sex..

    hense the alpha male.

    When i have testosterone levels in the lowwer part of the range, i can easily go 2-3 weeks without it.. But when its in the upper range i need it every other day about.

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    ok if thats the case you ask any M.D they will say masturbating is fine.. the more the better and they laugh at you if you say you have sexual exhaustion; so i guess there right since there a doctor



    Ya, probably. One thing I noticed was my vision was sharper and clearer.

    On the subject of abstainence, once I masturbate I go on a binge.




    Hmmmm…Nice theory

    What if I have the will to ejaculate but I didnt…

    But I do agree that maybe my T levels are quiet in the middle-low range

    I think porn is may main problem for now… Each time I watch porn I feel bad, depressed, unclear mind…



    Thats guilt

    Use it in moderation so you dont burn up your Acetylcholine. I tend to save it until I am nearly finished before watching any as it helps get the job done. Perhaps consider a sex toy if you find it hard to do without porn. Focus on the sensations so you dont burn too much Acetylcholine with with visual stimulation.



    Im at 1 week now . GO ME!

    Nice one mate keep it up…visualise the pleasure of no masturbation:) at 1 week also now and hopefully i will stop forever….

    i really jacked up my body badly last week after solid masturbation around 7 times in one day and still feel the drained effects…but i have felt a major improvement ever since i started being more active, eating the right foods such as no takeaways, TONS of fruits n veg especially kiwi fruit as it contains most important vitamins n minerals such as zinc which is needed for our semen… also just keep off porn guys..nothing special comes out of it except 30mins-1hr pleasure and the guilt and dirty feeling for eternity…its evil and we should keep away from it…



    jack 101, how in the world did you abstain for 6 months man? the maximum i went this year was 4 days. i feel very ashamed.

    also, what benefits did you notice by abstaining?



    lol i know thats what i cant believe sometimes…well to be honest back last yr december i used to jerk off REALLY bad and my health just declined rapidly, being spiritual helped me a lot, depending on god is great, i kept away from porn, restrained from looking at girls(a lot of willpower lol), tv was a major factor involved in my masturbation as they show a lot of semi nude pics that turn us on. i used exercise, sports and becoming fit as a strong motivation to keep away from this as i kept busy and had no time for this evil sin.

    dont feel ashamed we are all human and we are biologically attracted to women and desire sex…we shouldnt play with ourselves(see how bad that sounds lol) just think of the pain and destruction you are causing to yourself and make yourself a target at what you will become once you stop. believe me its all there…confidence, better looking, stronger, healthier.

    Belive me there were many benefits from this as i gained a lot of stamina, massive improvement in strength, penis became stronger and less seminal leakage, more confidence, less stammering, no body aches, better eyesight.

    so basically exercise and willpower are big factors in breaking your masturbation addiction hopefully i will come across this high again and so will all of you!



    19 months so far.

    It is said that 1 year celibacy gives a great boost in vitality for a normal healthy man. But we are not healthy to begin with so we need much more time to get to the point of high vitality. Sure you see benefits in shorter times but you will see many more after successfull prolonged abstaining, because it’s an ever-accerelating process. It is like depositing money to a bank account. You need to do it for a long time to buy a beautiful house. Likewise you need to store great amounts of sexual energy to have a healthful body.

    Articulation about the subject of celibacy is pretty useless in my opinion. See it for yourself. Experience is gold. Health is a feeling.



    Wow, that is amazing. The amount of self discipline it must take to do this. You must let us know how it goes when you next have sex. Do you no longer get sexual urgencies? Surely this must have now dimished your libido.



    The company of attractive women still make me feel some arousal but apart from that and rare erotic dreams I have no urgencies. Gradually you forget sex and all your sexual-related problems alongside with that.



    , can you please list the improvements you have noticed in various stages since abstaining? like how many monhts before you noticed a benefitchange etc. thanks man.



    Yes Nicholas can you please take the time and list in detail the problems you had before you abstained and the benefits , ie 1st month, 3months etc

    I find when I abstain I get stronger, clearer mind, less muscle aches, but cannot last more than few weeks. Once I went for 1 month then had sex then had the dopamine crash and was back to square one!

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