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    The strongest impact its in adrenals.

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    Good post Sarg,

    I always liked Dr.Lin theory that correlates alot with Dr.Mariano in the HPTA Dysregulations.And both recommend a dose of 10k of Vitamin A and 5k or 2k Iu OF Vitamin where both work on improving the pituitary and thyroid signalling and there sensitivity.

    adrenal becomes out of control

    pituitary loses its sensitivity in the negative feedback for the Adrenal – Thyroid and Testes

    and with such a messed up body our digestion is hindered up , mainly low absorption to B vits…and fat soluble vits and the rest comes over.



    Last time posted here he said everyone with hard flaccid should read A Headache in the Pelvis. And everyone with SE, or basically everyone else here who doesn’t have hard flaccid but got SE symptoms, should read

    Well he was right about the Headache in the Pelvis.. so chances are he’s right about the latter as well. I briefly went through the site and looks like there’s a lot of great reading. So it would be in your best interest guys to study it thoroughly. I think it’ll help you out.

    You guys remember the poster Alex?

    He joined the forum like 3 years ago back when JS used to post a lot and he had very similar symptoms to JS, but quite different from mine. Then JS got on TRT and went the hormonal route while Alex just disappeared from the forum. Then like a year ago he started posting again. He was saying that he’s about 80% recovered from his SE without taking any meds. Anyone with SE should reread those threads of his.

    So what he was saying is that he believes he developed his SE from too much porn and over masturbation. He believed that his dopamine receptors/sensitivity down regulated and that’s what gave most symptoms. It would sure explain low sex drive, low T, eye floaters.. and so on..

    Anyways he’s one of the few people I remember that came here and claimed that he almost recovered from SE, and definitely the only one to do it naturally. And he was saying that he practically doesn’t watch porn, only has sex now, and makes sure not to ejaculate too frequent, to give it proper time to recover, listen to the body, sometimes take a 5 day break to let testosterone build up.. and so on.. just find his posts. Also he was saying how much SAM-e started to help.

    So I’m trying to connect the dots here.. Alex comes here and says cutting down on ejaculation and cutting out porn has helped a lot with his symptoms. (So essentially that helps replenish testosterone and dopamine sensitivity).

    comes here and says everyone with SE should read supports Alex’s thoughts that part of SE is dopamine desensitization and low T.

    So things are adding up..

    Now, Alex probably had a mild form of SE, since he practically recovered naturally. So then there are people like Max.

    You guys remember Max takes Pregnenolone, Clomid (I believe, or some supp to boost T).. and that’s about it and he says he has sex like 3 times a week and doesn’t watch porn either.

    So seems to me anyone with SE should at first abstain for some period. Cut out porn entirely for at least a year. Don’t ejaculate if you feel your body is not ready. Try to follow Alex’s route.. if it doesn’t help completely start adding in supps 1 by 1 like Max did.. Preg for adrenals, a lot of vitamins perhaps for liver, Clomid or something for T if needed. Thoroughly research… and if after all that you’re still not 100% you always got TRT as backup which has helped pretty much everyone with SE.. JS, Chris, AKG.. and hundreds of people on musclechat.

    And also my condition (hard flaccid) is definitely different from SE, but what I’ve learned from my readings applies to everybody with any condition. Your mentality is very important. Don’t look at yourself as a victim. Believe that you will be recovered soon and have that desire and think of this as just a phase. If you are constantly anxious or stressed, you are making the condition worse yourself than it already is. At first your adrenals may have been slightly off, with with years of stress you might have made them even worse. Also its probably difficult for dopamine sensitivity to restore when you are constantly worried and your dopamine is naturally low as a result. You get my drift.. worrying and negative/catastrophic thinking makes this worse than it is and longer to recover.

    Alex recovered naturally with the help of general supps and vitamins so it can be done guys. Keep piecing this puzzle together. I’m sure the root of SE is not super low T that can never be recovered without TRT.. I don’t believe that.. otherwise Alex and Max would not have recovered. I think it has more to do with dopamine desensitization and constant over masturbation and worrying which are fueling it. That is the real negative feedback loop. I think the low T and thyroid and adrenals are just an effect, rather than the cause, and will probably auto correct as soon as you guys start recovering.

    Similar with hard flaccid, my low cortisol was purely caused by worrying, my low T was caused because of a tight scrotum, which was caused by tense pelvic muscles. The root is tense muscles and my mental state, everything else is an effect. Similarly here I think there is a root that goes deeper than just low T and thyroid.. its probably the addiction to masturbation, dopamine sensitivity, and guilt/anxiety related to all this that is fueling a bunch of symptoms. I don’t know for a fact.. just throwing in my suggestions and looking at it logically since Alex and Max recovered their SE without TRT.



    Frenchi you have a case of ELPS…”Excessive length post syndrome”! I would get that looked, man. Haha.

    For me the dots are pretty much clear. On the purely physical side the gut and the methylation cycle (detoxication, ADN) are the key. Candida infections and heavy metals blocking ATP cellular energy together with disturbances in the output of GSH because of methylation blocks, for example. On the other side, the emotional its a huge part of the pathogenesis and also in the cure of illness. So its useful that you stress a shift in the attitude.

    porn its a dangerous poison by the reptilian. Masturbating daily cannot be good.

    Lastly, and the most important its realising we live in a Matrix and accesing the hidden potential of human conciousness its the real gate to curing of this world. I also know of other “cured” former forum poster, Feo66 of curezone, which used to be FrankO and he told me about how an spiritual approach cured him, like buteyko breathing, tai chi and stuff like knowing the illusion of this holographic world.

    Now, how do I get rid of this pelvic tension causing me penis discomfort? With meditation and yoga, stretches, TP, alphablockers? Channeling a benign entity from the 6th dimension that sympathizes with guys that injured their pelvis/penis because they wanted a bigger dick? Whatever the way its I will find it, I am young and tenacious

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