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    What began a month ago as a research into my hair loss has lead me down the path to sexual exhaustion. In my particular case, excessive masturbation. I had come across a some fascinating research and articles by Dr. Newman K. Lin. Suddenly the picture has gotten quite a bit clearer.

    Growing up as a child I could be described as pretty introverted, shy, and had bad obsessive compulsive tendencies. Some of my OCD’s included being anal retentive about organization in my room (color sequences, etc) and biting the skin on the calluses on the bottoms of my feet. I look back at my childhood and remember all the fighting between my parents (especially because of my father’s drinking problems) and it’s no wonder I experienced some of these things.

    When I was the age of 6 or 7 I first discovered the Playboy channel. I can recall numerous times I was caught masturbating in the living room to it. From that age on up into my late teens I was really bad. I imagine I averaged prolly 2-3 times a day. I had even worse days than that on occasion, particularly when I was feeling depressed. I can remember putting my hands down my pants, secretly masturbating in junior high school while the lights were off and we were watching a movie. Another time I can recall doing it in my friend’s Dad’s van when we were on a road trip to California.

    That is not normal behavior by any means and again this kind of thing persisted for years. It never occurred to me at the time what kind of damage this was doing hormonally to me, especially at such an early age. I can recall during those younger years I would suffer from extremely bad migraine headaches as well as crippling abdominal pain. Nothing was ever done about it though and eventually they went away.

    College became a huge ball of stress as did my first job after it. In fact most of my 20’s was pure stress and depression (which I secretly battled). I can recall the time I spent with a corporate job where I was in a new city 5 weeks at a time working 13 hour days, 6 days a week. I began abusing coffee and energy drinks to keep going and it was during my very last trip that it all came apart. I became violently ill and had to check myself into a local hospital.

    I was never the same after that. Doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me. I went from one general practitioner to the next when I got back home and all that ever came up was that I had what the doc said was a benign liver condition known as Gilbert’s Syndrome. Funny though, in my research of that condition it seems a lot of people suffer from it and not just simply producing too much bile. I went to work in the restaurant industry after my incident and that probably didn’t help much …. just more of the same running myself into the ground. I was suffering from random bouts of nausea, foot pain, extreme fatigue, bloating, numbness in extremities, hair shedding, massive brain fog, erratic emotions, inability to handle stress (littlest things would set me off), dull groin pains ….. it was like I was literally falling apart.

    I gave up talking to general practitioners. In fact I haven’t seen a doctor since 2008. They could never help me me, nor did they want to venture outside of the box. I requested to have complex thyroid/adrenal panels done, but they wouldn’t have any of it. I eventually got out of the restaurant game and took on a desk job. I had a long term relationship during this time and it fell apart because I was simply drained. It affected my sex life with her, which she took very personally. It was so awful not to have answers as to why I didn’t ever wanna have sex. When we did I would have extremely weak erections, premature ejaculation, etc. etc. Seems like the only time I could have a good episode of sex was when I was drunk. What scares me is now when I have sex, I kind of prefer to be drunk doing it so that I don’t experience the problems.

    I feel better now at 33 than I did back then, but I’m still not right. My energy levels are just so erratic. I feel like I’m forcing myself every single day to get up, get ready, and take care of what I need to take care of. That zip is gone. My sleeping is absolutely horrible. I can’t get thru a single night without waking up multiple times.

    The ironic thing is that I maintain a strict workout plan and have been since about 2006. I can only imagine what this does to my adrenals and hormone levels given how depleted and off-kilter my whole system is after those years of excessive masturbation. I’ve noticed that my body simply does not recover in time. I read articles about other people’s workouts and listen to my friends and it seems like they only need a few days to recover from working out a particular body part. For me it takes a full week. Yet I continue. I was always really skinny as growing up and I developed a complex about it. So no matter how tired I am I still force myself to hit the weights hard.

    Again this all started when I began researching my hair shedding and receding. It’s gotten pretty bad as of late. I’ve also begun to see cystic acne popping up on my chest and back of my head. I haven’t had acne problems since I was a teenager, but again that was during my excessive masturbation years. My body hair continues to get worse. It’s bad enough I’m losing it on my head, but having to deal with it growing in some not so flattering places is absolutely embarrassing. In researching the hair problems I started to see the connection between Testosterone and DHT. Makes me re-think my supposed benign liver problem since it’s there where a lot of conversion takes place. Speaking of my hair I always wondered how it changed. When I was younger I had thick, voluminous, poker straight hair. As I got into my later teens it suddenly became very fine, flat, and wavy. I also wanted to note that the bags under my eyes continue to get worse, as does my puffy face.

    Sorry for being so long-winded. I kind of gave up looking for answers 3-4 years ago, but the hair loss has scared me right back into finally solving this complex problem. I don’t masturbate anywhere near as much as I used too, but I still personally think I spend too much time when I do … surfing porn etc. etc. I notice how depleted and depressed I get afterwards. I just want to feel normal again. Whatever this is, it has robbed me of a life for too long now. Nobody in my life understands how unwell I feel. My parents naively think I just don’t try hard enough.

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    for ragweed allergy or daisy allergy by ENT as these are in the same family as

    milk thistle and if it turns out you are allergic then the reactions are usually the

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    Don’t let this scare you! Milk thistle could fix you.

    The worst thing that can make our condition worse is stress.

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    At least your writing skills are not very affected. You sound like a slight case of Asperger. A good read, for what its worth.


    Me too. Being skinny its not a coincidence… I am too. The muscle gains are minimal but better than nothing.

    Liver problems are crucial in SE, for what we are seeing lately.

    Dont lose hope, you can still gain some decades of true life if you keep on it and lean on this community. Most of us have a very similar problem and one man will fail where 15 wont.

    You need more testing. I am surprised you never got in depth testing in all those years. Emotional, spiritual and quimic intoxication needs research as genetic mutations etc

    The most powerful liver tonic I know its LiverLife by Bioray, has a lot of good feedback. There are powerful liver smoothies which potency I can back up with my personal experience, just google “liver juice”. Usually involve beets, carrots, olive oil, ginger etc Liver flushing and coffee enemas are good too. Picorrizha Kurroa and herbs related are also possible helps.

    We need each others, im glad another mind with potential have arrived here. I know I will get there, as im 21. Some day I will carry answers for all of us (or at least some)… or any other member can do it. Its like an horrible race in which it doesnt matter who arrives first as long as SOMEONE arrives.

    porn and masturbation need to go, man. Seriously. Its a sick behaviour and played a role in your decay…



    AZguy79, you’ve come to the right place. This community was designed to help other people in search of a cure for sexual exhaustion and other related diseases.

    First thing is first, stop masturbation. This drains your energy and vitality. It can lead to stress and depression. I think your hair loss is caused by your masturbation addiction.

    You might want to go to a doctor for genetic testing or testing for neurotransmitters.

    btw, those advertisements on this site about asian beauties don’t help.



    Presently I am without health insurance. I’ve been getting the run around from new carriers as I’ve tried to get approved for it. They insist I get some forms over to all the previous doctors I saw so they can get explanations for panels run ….. problem is some of them are no longer in the valley and I cannot locate them. I have a family member who works as a phlebotomist at a lab. He’s going to be able to get me a big discount on comprehensive panels. I plan on having this done within the next couple weeks.

    In a lot of ways I feel like this is one of those “Cold Case Files” on A&E. You know where the answer wasn’t found originally and years went by until finally something popped up to help crack the case. The excessive masturbation makes all too much sense to me when I really sit here and connect the dots. It was beyond obsessive behavior. My hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis is completely shot. I’m reminded of it every time I’m exposed to even a hint of stress. I can feel my body tense up so hard and inflammation everywhere inside of me.

    I can only imagine the damage I did to my body growing up as far as it developing properly. I’m reminded of the struggles I had in college getting thru classes because of my brain fog and cognitive difficulties. It was like I was a completely different person. When I was young I was considered the prodigal son …. the genius boy wonder. Next thing you know I’m bouncing around majors in college taking 5 years to graduate.

    It’s hard to think back at how different life could be ….



    Theres something more in the equation… I mean all those men swear they masturbate religiously everyday and they are not walking corpses as we are… in any case, stopping masturbation will at least prevent more damage. You are in the correct target with the HPTA axis btw… All these idiots playing counterstrike in the cyber-cafe and here is typing in…



    Was going over old panels that I had run by all the various general practitioners I saw between 2006-2008 ….

    -My T4 was always at the very bottom of the range. Tests always came up 4.4 to 5.8 (range is 4.5 to 12)

    -TSH tested between 2.5 and 3.4

    -My Total Testosterone was always between 300-320 (range is 250 to 1100)

    -One panel had my Free Testosterone at 11.9 (range 9.3 to 26.5)

    -Bilibin count always at the high end or over. Tests came up 130 to 160 (range is .2 to 1.3)

    -LDL count consistently at higher end or over. Tests came up 116 to 130 (range is 0 to 99)




    Definetly you are a hypothyroid

    possible high estradiol which is an indication of tired liver, since estrogens are one of the causes of high bilbruin aka blocked Bile, liver is also responsible for breaking down the cholestroel.

    work on your Thyroid, Liver, Testerone

    other problems can be linked to adrenals, low progesterone levels may allow estradiol to dominates leaving you in more hyo symptoms and more low testerone.



    I seriously want to wring the necks of all those previous general practitioners. They never listened to me after all my pleading about the adrenals, thyroid, etc. etc. I knew I was on the right path …. but have had to suffer for so long. Can’t stand how these guys get paid to lump people in bell-curve induced “ranges”.

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