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    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    Thats interesting, maybe there is some ingredients on honey that will tonify your body.

    It is a shame though that where I live, I will not be able to buy honey that is unheated, but I have decided to buy some honey soon. It is very good for stomach.



    Do you live in the USA?

    I got mine from



    Thank you for taking the time to write all this.

    When I was reading it I saw really a mirror of myself.

    I think i have been addicted to porn since the very first time i laid eyes on the naked human female form back when i was a young teenager. That was probably 20 years ago.

    I haven’t had a masturbation “problem” that long. Its mostly been since the evil Internet :- but, its been for a very long time.

    I have done some terrible things myself. The one I’m most ashamed of is acting out, having an infidelity that lead to me acquiring cold sores from it as far as i can tell and then losing my wife of 10 years, the most blessed gift I’ve ever had (or probably ever will have). She was an incredibly sweet beautiful girl and i through it away by taking it for granted and letting my addiction overtake my judgement.

    Try living with that one. porn addiction is a very lonely and dark place.

    I fear its going to become a silent epidemic that is going to wreck society. Its far too powerful and its effects far reaching. I used to be liberal on porn but, i have changed my views as i am living the negative effects. I don’t know how it can be stopped because i believe in freedom of expression.

    Anyway, I will try your honey suggestion. Thanks again for sharing it.



    Do you live in the USA?

    I got mine from http://www.reallyrawhoney.comNo he lives somewhere in europe…I think Finland



    so will any kind of honey do?



    You got to get unheated raw honey.

    ‘Unheated’ and ‘raw’ are the key words.



    You got to get unheated raw honey.

    ‘Unheated’ and ‘raw’ are the key words.

    great, i have just found someone willing to ship to me, and its unheated, but should i get the one with pollen or propolis or the “original kind”



    You got to get unheated raw honey.

    ‘Unheated’ and ‘raw’ are the key words.

    great, i have just found someone willing to ship to me, and its unheated, but should i get the one with pollen or propolis or the “original kind”

    I got mine from

    The jar of honey comes with Cappings on the top… and those Cappings are comprised of honeycomb, bee pollen, and propolis.

    I am not exactly sure what is doing the trick but I can definitely feel the difference… When I researched a bit I learnt that bee pollen can reduce cravings and addictions… So I am connecting the dots and assuming that bee pollen is doing the trick here… I may be wrong…

    Try plugging the terms ‘bee pollen’ + cravings + addictions in google and see if u find anything interesting. And then decide which honey to buy.. The original raw honey will be thick… not liquid..



    i ordered a jar from the site you mentioned.

    how often and how much do you take?




    I usually take 2 tablespoons in the morning and 1 tablespoon in the evening..

    When I first got it I found it to be extremely tasty and I went on to gulp a lot…. So make sure not to do that mistake… If you start gulping it then you will empty the jar in no time…

    Just stick to 1 or 2 tbl spoons..






    Here is how started and broke from porn.

    In my final year at university and broke up with my firneds and I just used to go to lectures then go to my room and just watch porn for the rest of the day. I got addicted and just couln’t stop watching all the fit women and the like. I got aroused every day and became a chronic masterbator. After leaving uni I couldn’t find a job and was unemployed for 1.5 years. During this time I watched porn everyday. I didn’t have many friends to go home to and porn seemed a worthy substitute.

    I got a job and reloacted for it as i needed the money/experience. I didn’t know anybody down there and just watched porn in my spare time. This went for 2 years and the porn seem to be easier then trying to go out and find things to do.

    My religion Islam actually makes reference to ‘the masterbators’ being a cursed group(unless one repents). For examples the prophet said ‘on the day of judgment a group will be raised who will have their hands pregnant’ and also ‘God will not even look at the one who irritated his sexual organs’. All this time I jerked not knowing that I would fall into this category. Of course if one repents then he is excused and fearing God I repented. Unfortunately I kept coming back to porn then repenting and again and again. Eventually I felt so bad for doing it again and again and then looked over how I spent the last four years.

    Was this me? A lonely sad perverted freak who spent all his days indoors wanking to porn? I never realised how these four year flew passed and I cried about how I spent the golden years of my life living for porn. I stopped for a second and wondered about the way I behaved around women and I couldn’t believe I was a pervert for so long and this low. I used to perve at any fit girl I saw and blush and things like that. This was the effects of porn and wanking. Crying about how I spent my life and what God would do to me I have stopped porn, repented and am trying to rebuild my life.

    As I am 26 I also feel lonely at home and would really like to love somebody and have children. I convinced myself I would go and get somebody before it is too late. I suffer from lowe self esteem and don’t know if I can satisfy a women so I will try to spend the next six months recovering then pursue a girl.

    In summary:

    1.I thought about and was disgusted by the way I spent the passed few years – I just couldn”t forgive myself for this. What a fucking waste.

    2.I feared God and knew to repent for this deviant act against which I was given a clear warning.

    3.I thought about how I wanted a misses and children and knew how my pron addiction had prevented me from pursuing anybody – there was no need for a girl.



    That was very interesting . Good that u have found a way out this addiction which destroys lives.

    It is very important to stop masturbating to porn, since it multiplies the energy loss or according to some practitioners or addicits will cause all kind of problems which normal masturbation ( without porn ) or sex with real woman does not cause even when used more rarely. Afterall, the porn stimulates the most precious parts of the body and cause these extremely pleasant feelings.

    I will work very hard this summer to stop watching porn and never again masturbate to it. I have been able to be free 3-4 weeks now. I do not own a computer currently so it helps it a little.

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