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    You’re most probably experiencing partial lock of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-testicular axis functioning.

    One can exhaust his organism through numerous activities, reach the “breaking point”, and basically stuck in a cycle of inflammation. Chronic inflammation will promote a never ending cycle of inflammation through:-Abnormal acetylcholine, serotonin, dopamine, and GABA levels which will eventually lead to internal stress and inflammation response-

    Adrenal gland adjustments to chronically create more stress and inflammatory hormones, such as cortisol and epinephrine, for the expense of DHEA-Artery constriction for less blood flow and thus increased local inflammation-The increased levels of cortisol, prostaglandin E2, norepinephrine, epinephrine, and especially prolactin will negatively affect the levels of GnRH, LH and FSH, and together with the arterial inflammation and constriction will kill testicular function as well as hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-testicular axis’ proper functioning.


    -Dr richards has told me that this is problem.

    how do I go about breaking the cycle of inflammation?

    my prostate has been inflammed for months now and it doesnt seem to go down. im seriously contemplating suicide at this point. i cant live like this anymore

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    he is right about inflammation

    whenever i get wood i also get precum

    now im sick unfortunately a small flu but i get wood really quickly, but also way way way quicker precum

    our bodies are in total state of inflammation

    i don’t know how to counter this otherwise i would have done it already

    only thing from suicide is pde-5 drugs enabling to have sexy time multiple times a week which helps.. also testosterone is killing off suicidal thoughts and speeding up my recovery process

    still this hrt hasn’t fixed inflammation

    improve diet, increase omega 3 etc? all to little avail?



    have you got prostate pains daily ?



    , is precum necessarily a bad thing? and if yes, why?

    is it some sort of indicator for inflammation?

    charlie – to reduce inflammation you should take lot of Fish and Borage Oils. I think Curcumin helps as well but I haven’t taken it though.



    no not anymore

    back in the overmasturbation day yes

    in the area around my testes, also back

    according to lin too much can lead to over expression of cox-2 which can affect nearby areas

    i fully believe him



    , is precum necessarily a bad thing? and if yes, why?

    is it some sort of indicator for inflammation?

    charlie – to reduce inflammation you should take lot of Fish and Borage Oils. I think Curcumin helps as well but I haven’t taken it though.

    i would def say it’s indicator of inflammation

    lin rambles on about too much pge-2 in semen and cox-2 over expression well it’s obvious this has to do with it

    if you take tylenol or curcumin you see less precum so one and one makes two right?

    apart from our screwed hormones we def have some major inflammation going on which i don’t know how to solve

    lin suggests high dose epa (1000 mg) and gla from borage oil (500 mg)

    im considering buying this and run it for a month and see if it improves the precum

    curcumin was too much for me

    now im sick i have precum like crazy sexually excited and within no time precum, if having sex even after whacking off before i still cum too soon

    a sick body wants to conserve energy and thus gives PE, still we have PE because our high levels of inflammation



    funny thing is

    on my fatty acid profile i tested super low end on omega 3 range

    and gla was below range



    Pimp – how long did the prostate pains last? and when and why did they finally go away?



    i cut down on the masturbation frequency that’s for sure, but no total abstaining

    also started taking omega 3 but am inconsistent with it’s use

    it took a long time but now when i do have testicular pain or prostate or anywhere around that area i can take omega 3 for temporary relief

    have never tried super super high dosage EPA, also never did much GLA



    Weid , even though your levels are good but still your body cant withstand inflammation.

    Well from expierence , the regular fishoil EPA 360DHA240 needs a higher consumption around 6 capsules a day , it will be better to mix the fish with Krill oil or consume the high EPA fish oil (around 600 ) results may vary

    as for the omega 6, the best source as you know is the borage or promise that carries 140 of GLA in 1 gram you can consume 6 caps for 3-4 weeks and then lower it to 3 caps…. but iam not sure if this method can help with the consumption of omega 3….

    I believe a diet modification can help in this matter



    when you say “curcumin was too much for me” what exactly do you mean? did you have any negative side effects?

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