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    Eating food raw e.g. beef and fish is best since nutrients are not cooked away.

    Apparently you should not east chicken or turkey raw because they have parasites. Is it true that you shouldn’t eat raw chicken?

    If yes, what is the minimally invasive way to cook chicken or turkey and keep the higher concentration of nurtients? I dont care about taste, I just want high nutrition without parasites etc.


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    i wouldnt eat raw chicken, turkey pork, and ground meats..

    steaming is best or boiling is best way to cook also a crock pot is good because of the low heat , long time for cooking.

    for steaks i use a cast iron.



    yeah stay away from raw chicken man lol i know your argument but this is plain BS, watch out for salmonella

    max has some good tips on cooking.. i just cook my chicken with some red and yellow curry powder, mixed with a good amount of black pepper and mustard, other indian spices and take some chili peppers with it


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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