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    I think this forum would get tons of new users, if we find new places to advertise it. Imagine all the popular heath forums, there are thousands of exhausted people.

    Ps. there are now supplement talking all over the forum, I think pure supplement talks should be kept in the right place.

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    Two very good points.

    And yes, let’s try and keep our discussions in the appropritae topics. =)



    Lets try to get the word out to men out there trying to heal and get better. This way we help ourselves too getting more people researching health methods and sexual exhaustion. This place is also good for people looking for great health and longevity, not just for sexual exhaustion. Tons of info and details posted in the forum by all members.

    So, always try to post in various health forums you visit etc. the link to the forum and also, try to outline some basic principles to people like not doing anything in excess, eating well, basic supplements/herbs and cautions with them, relaxing, etc. so they do not just thing its not worth looking to the forum more closely.

    Internet is powerful for getting the word out. If we would have known this place when we started the healing process, it would have been like a gift from higher powers. We don’t have to argue at all with people who do not believe sexual exhaustion or nervous exhaustion/energy loss in general exists, so do not waste time in arguing with people after you have made your point.



    yeah i think it’d be great, more people the more information we can learn from others about how to heal.



    I’ve been tempted to link this board on the sunday surgery board (any uk people will know what it is). But not sure the admin there would allow it.Would make an interesting topic for them though and it has a broad audience.

    Might try it soon



    it would be nice also to have quality users as much as quantity. medical professionals, researchers and such.

    there was this awesome link posted by a herbal treatment for hormone induced prostatitis (and secondary hypogonadism) the author obviously knew what he was talking about. so i managed to contact him and invite him to the forum. he sounded interested but said he was extremely busy to commit to a forum at the moment..but that i could ask questions and others could ask also.

    his email is

    i always try and advertise our link in other related forums. some forums have quality users such as the one and the lef.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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