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    Hey guys, I am seeking some advice. Next week I am seeing a Neuro-Endocrinologist. I suffer from both POIS and never ending exhaustion both physical and cognitive.

    I’m wondering how to go about getting my adrenals, thyroid and EVERYTHING that may be relevant tested without spooking out this doctor and having him/her send me to psychiatry. I am looking to try and order two sets of the testing, one set being after sexual activity.

    Any advice from anybody would be greatly appreciated. I will share my test results with everyone.

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    Neuro-endocrinologist? Intersting thats the same field Dr. Mariano specializes in.

    Anyway under no circumstance mention POIS or SE. Guarented speach about how its all in your head and you wont get anything that you need .

    Instead come in and say that for the last year ( or however long this is going on) you have alot of symptoms of fatigue, trouble puttin on muscle, absoltly no erections in the morning, lack of motivation, joint pain, puttin on weight etc etc.

    Before you go there office Print yourself a copy of the recomended testing . It includes every test you need to truly examine your hormonal status in the followin regions ( thyroid, adrenals, androgens). SO put all those tests into a nice word document print it and be like I really want to examine ALL ( crucial) of these hormoens on this list based on the symtposm I just described to you.

    Be very adament about testing ALL of the hormones on the list because if you only get part of them your paintin an incomplete picture.

    if the doc gives you trouble be like this is my decision and im paying for this so I want ALL of these things tested even if you dont know what some of them are ( very possible).

    It can also help you to look up the diagnosis codes on Labcorps test menu online ( google search) and include it in that piece of paper. Its possible at that point he will just have to stamp it with his official doctor seal and you can go get the testin done or he will just write you his own test requistion, either way it makes his job easier and you more likely to get what you want.

    So in short

    1) Check out the recomended testing

    2) Create your own word document with the names of all the tests and the diagnostics codes next to them

    3) Complain of symptoms of hypogondism, hypothyriodism, adrenal fatigue, NO SE or POIS.

    4) Demand all the tests you brought be run , and more if he has any sugggestions of his own.

    If this this works for you then congrats. You have taken the first step to figureing out your problems and regainin your health.



    Whats the test for adrenals?

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