how to get the right test at the urology

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    I plan on finally getting my bloodwork done at a urologist what would I tell him to get my hormones checked . I know the Sexual Exhaustion doesnt work with “real” doctors

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    this should show a good picture.



    thanks max , I was wondering is it normal for someone hormonal balance to just go imbalance all of sudden. I turned 25 in the middle of may , and then at end of may this happened.

    its been 2/half months since this happen. I hope I didnt wait to late to get bloodwork done.



    I don’t think it usually takes several years for hormones to become imbalanced



    disappointed got my bloodtest results back and all it was was a mark up of thyroid , cbc, and etc with N written by it for normal . the doctor made it seem as if he was doing the hormones levels with detail range. I got a follow up this thursday to address it . how can I be normal if im experiencing


    muscle weakness

    extreme weightloss

    loss of appetite

    testicles seem as if they are shrinking / contracting

    loss of sex drive

    loss of muscle mass


    this shit is starting to effect my work and school performance.



    when it comes to doctors you have to be extremely assertive. ALmost an asshole to them. You have to make sure the tests there performing arent fucking bullshit. you need to tell them what you want done and if worse comes to worse print out tests and show them this is what i want. The best solution is find a much better doctor but that is fucking hard.



    yea when I go thursday Im gonna tell them whats up assertively. this is really effecting work today me and the manager got into a big argument over my work performance shouting and screaming type. not to put the argument all on the SE / hormone problem I been working with new workers that havent been pulling their weight and manager comes down on me for it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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